Cannabis And Sex Benefit The Body While Enhancing Pleasure

Pop culture has long promoted the idea that sex, drugs, and rock and roll are the keys to the fountain of youth and a fully satisfying lifestyle. While that may be a matter of opinion, research suggests that at least two of those factors together create a healthier body and a happier psyche. While government funded studies are difficult to come by, researchers are conducting studies based upon patient testimonials and limited laboratory experiments to prove that combing marijuana usage with sexual activity has a positive and long lasting affect on our bodies.

Cannabis Has Something To Offer Both Sexes

Marijuana, sex, cannabis Marijuana use before sex may provide greater health benefits. [Image via MJTH/ Shutterstock]This may come as no surprise to recreational users, but cannabis mixes well with sex and while it does make for a pleasurable experience, the real benefits are longer-lasting. The physiological and psychological benefits of taking even a quick toke before doing the deed will boost libido and intensify the female partner’s orgasm. Sex therapist Ian Kerner says one way this happens is by the slower love making that occurs when both partners are mellow and relaxed, because this allows for vasocongestion, which is blood flow to the genitals, to occur more fully. Another benefit is increased muscle tension, or myotonia, which adds to a much more fulfilling experience.

Dr. Jordan Tishler specializes in cannabis therapeutics and he adds that cannabis is a far better treatment for men suffering from erectile dysfunction than the prescription drugs currently being distributed. Drugs like Viagra and Cialis may curb the symptoms, but they don’t deal directly with the real problems afflicting patients. Dr. Tishler says that, in many cases, men experiencing erectile dysfunction are over-stressed and especially anxious, conditions which moderate usage of cannabis will help alleviate. One shouldn’t overdo it though, because the human brain already produces its own cannabinoids, regulated by the endocannabinoid system. Often referred to as our body’s natural marijuana, anandamide is almost identical to THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

Much more research needs to be done on the full health benefits of combining sex with cannabis use, but getting funding has proven to be a fierce obstacle to overcome. Nicole Prause, who founded Liberos, an organization that stimulates clients’ brains to solve problems related to their sex drives, says the problem is with government funding committees. Prause says congressional aides have brought five grants up for defunding, based on a term search for the word “sexual,” which has been deemed inappropriate. Until government policy changes, researchers will have to rely on anecdotes for their evidence and the few tests they can perform at low or no cost.

A Probing Look Into Those Anecdotal Reports Gives More Hard Facts Than One Would Expect

Many users of cannabis report enhanced sexual experiences when combining the two activities, and even Carl Sagan reported similar feelings of euphoria from melding marijuana smoking with his own sexual encounters. How reliable are such reports? Dr. Mitch Earleywine, a professor of psychiatry at State University of New York in Albany, says that studies stemming from such anecdotal reports reaching as far back as the early 1980s confirm that cannabis usage does enhance the sexual experience. A majority of these reports share commonalities in the areas of male performance, suggesting that taking a couple hits just before sexual intimacy will make the male partner more giving and considerate of his partner’s needs throughout the act.

Dr. Earleywine also reveals that smoking marijuana makes both partners more susceptible to touch and enhances sensitivity. While he can’t say for certain why cannabis has this effect, he suspects it has something to do with the way the drug distorts a person’s perception of time.

The professor cautions that using cannabis for every sexual encounter may raise tolerance levels and dull the senses to the uniqueness of the experience.

“The cool thing about sex and relationships is variety in that something as simple as laying on your bed another direction or going into another room of your house can make all this difference…The bottom line is if you do it every time it’s not special anymore.”

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