NFL Legend Warren Moon Says Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton Not A Rapist

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is a lightning rod for criticism, despite leading his team to the Super Bowl and possibly winning the MVP award this season, and former Houston Oilers star Warren Moon believes that it is not fair to Newton, according to Fox Sports.

Warren Moon, who made his claim to fame in the NFL by running the dynamically designed Run ‘n Shoot offense with the Houston Oilers and their plethora of quality wide receivers, has served as one of the mentors for Cam Newton. He’s fully aware that his protege has done some pretty stupid things earlier in his life, and he wishes fans would forgive and forget because the incidents were not as severe as some are making it out to be.

“You’d think he raped like five pastors’ daughters over the last five years and he’s getting away with it the way people are talking about him.”

One can easily argue that Warren Moon paints quite the picture with his words, and it’s clearly obvious that he has some really strong feelings on the matter. There’s probably a little part of Moon that is defending Cam Newton because he doesn’t want him to go through what he had to go through back during the 1980’s, back when it wasn’t that common to see black quarterbacks starting in the NFL.

Warren Moon
Warren Moon

Criticism for Cam Newton has transitioned from things that he did in his past to what is perceived as showboating on the football field, which has grown to become more of an issue as soon as the Carolina Panthers became a dominating force in the NFL. Winning brings a lot of good things, but it also brings certain bad things such as disdain and jealousy. Newton has long celebrated plays, but it simply wasn’t in the spotlight as much when his team was a middle of the pack one.

A lot of former and current NFL players are defending Cam Newton by stating that he is having fun on the field. They mention that football was designed to be a game, even though it has grown into a billion dollar industry over the years. Some point out that Newton likes to have fun both on the field and off the field, citing that he was smiling and posing for photos after having his car flipped on a dangerous intersection.

Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson

While there is a good amount of people who feel that Cam Newton is unfairly criticized because of racial reasons, there are others that dispute that by pointing to Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. The Seahawks star doesn’t receive nearly as much heat, even though he has already won a Super Bowl and made an appearance in the following one. Wilson is considered quite reserved when compared to the much more extravagant Newton.

At some point in his football career, both in the NCAA and NFL, someone along the way must have told Cam Newton that the best way to beat criticism is to keep winning. A Super Bowl victory over Peyton Manning, who may be retiring after this season, would generate a lot of resentment from people, but it might also win over those that will find it hard to deny what Newton can do on a football field. The argument right now is that he is the best player in the league.

The smart move for Cam Newton is to guide the Carolina Panthers to a Super Bowl next Sunday, and then win as many games in the NFL as he can before he retires. Maybe then, they’ll stop criticizing him.

[Featured Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images]