Drink Bulletproof Coffee and Lose Weight--New Diet Claims To Increase IQ and Shed Weight

Chrissie Williams

The newest diet trend is drinking Bulletproof Coffee. Celebrities are flocking to try the latest dieting trend and swears that it works to curb their appetite and melts off the pounds without much effort. Nutritionists urged their clients to avoid the diet like the plague -- leaving dieters scratching their heads -- unsure if coffee really can help accelerate weight loss results.

IB Times reported that Bulletproof Coffee can stimulate weight loss results, helping the most stubborn weight melt off. Did we mention that the recipe is super easy to make? According to the report, you add two teaspoons of butter and one tablespoon of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil to a cup of coffee. Harry Styles of One Direction noted that he used organic coconut oil for his MCT substance.

Nutritionists are concerned about the diet plan, and the safety of it being so widely used and tried. The coffee diet is not doctor approved; in fact, the coffee was created by a technology geek in Silicon Valley. Dave Asprey had no medical or nutritional background, he found the information in a technology book, according to IB Times.

Asprey claimed his coffee succeeded where other diets failed. The caffeine in the coffee helped curb his appetite and allowed him to lose weight without the constant hunger pangs that often spell trouble for dieters.

Not only does the coffee help with excess weight, but Jillian Michaels states that it could help increase one's intelligence by feeding the brain the perfect amount of fats (butter and MCT) while giving it an energy boost with the caffeine.

"You become a better employee, better parent, better friend, better person.My energy changes, my brain changes. I can pay attention, I can follow through."

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