Gizelle Bryant On Whiskey-Fueled Confrontation: ‘It Was A Little Baffling’

Gizelle Bryant has already been labeled a troublemaker on The Real Housewives of Potomac, but she’s not ready to settle the beef completely with her co-stars. While she has been close friends with the women for years, it seems like their friendships were tested once the cameras came to Potomac. And already in Episode 3, the ladies are mending their rifts.

According to a new Bravo report, The Real Housewives of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant is now revealing that she had no idea what to expect when she walked into the whiskey night. While she thought that she may be on good terms with her fellow co-stars, it sounds like Gizelle was ready to defend herself when their issues were brought up.

“Whichever way it was going to go, Gizelle was well rested and ready for a grown woman discussion….and as I clear my throat, we all know who was Donald Trump in this scenario…ok, lets move on,” Bryant reveals about herself in her Real Housewives of Potomac blog, adding, “One thing I do respect and admire is when someone admits their faux pas, and apologizes. Karen was big enough to admit her mistakes and because it’s extremely difficult for her to admit any wrong doing ever, I know that she means it and of course I’m gracious enough to accept her apology.”

Ashley Darby just wanted to bring the ladies together for the whiskey tasting, and she wasn’t planning on any drama. But there was clearly some unresolved issues that needed to be worked out. Ashley tried her best to keep the peace, but she also had a few things to say about the THOT comment. Luckily, she recognized that they could talk at another point in time. But that wasn’t the same for Charrisse.

“When Charrisse got to the Whiskey tasting I was actually glad she was there because I was eager to hear what she had to say so we could MOVE ON. So her position of not wanting to discuss it was a little baffling to me,” Bryant reveals in her blog, sharing that she was ready to make peace and settle the beef.

“I know Charrisse is not afraid or shy about discussing anything and when she didn’t I couldn’t sit there with the big polka dot elephant in the room. I had to say something, and since she STILL didn’t want to address the issue I decided to bring it up again the next time the Republicans decide to work with President Obama….yep NEVER,” Bryan reveals, adding that she’s happy they worked things out.

Luckily, the ladies could settle their drama without any physical fights, which says quite a bit about these ladies. Usually, this would result in drink-throwing, table flipping, or physical fights in other Real Housewives franchises. But it sounds like these ladies are very concerned about their reputations more so than ratings.

But Gizelle Bryant has been an open book when it comes to the viewers. In the very first episode, she opened up about her ex-husband cheating on her years ago. According to Daily Mail, Bryant learned of the affair from his mistress. She didn’t stick around despite having very young children, and in the preview for the upcoming episode, it sounds like he still plays a role in her life thanks to custody issues of her children. And it sounds like he’s trying to get back together with her, which probably won’t happen with the affair looming over them.

What do you think of Gizelle Bryant on the show? Are you surprised that the ladies managed to keep the peace during the whiskey tasting?

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