‘The 100’ Season 3 Burning Hot, Episode 3 Spoilers [Watch]

Nick Younker

The 100 has finally returned to The CW, and now that Season 3 has entered into new territory for the show, there is good reason to believe that fans are about to be treated the very best content yet.

Season 3 of The 100 has come back with such a force of plotlines and action that fans have been juggling all the new info just to try and keep up. With "Wanheda" Parts 1 and 2 finally wrapping up the initial plot, Season 3 is poised to bring about some of the best turns in stories with new characters and exciting new adventures that all factions of the ground conflict must deal with.

What is already clear to most fans of The 100 is that there has already been many wars and battles between the different groups, but that does not make any of them the bad guy, per se.

The truth is, The 100 is a post-apocalyptic dramatic thriller series, and the show must have people that survived the end times that brought down civilization. It is all about survival at this point for everyone, and anyone can be a threat to you or your loved ones. So to proceed with a safe aura of caution is perfectly understandable to all sides of the conflict.

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For starters, Clarke was kidnapped in the Season 3 premiere episode, and her abductor has a unique story of his own to tell. She was nabbed by Roan (Zach McGowan), who is himself a mysterious warrior brought up through the Ice Nation.

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There is also the hunt for Clarke by other groups on The 100 that is still in full force, which includes her own Sky People, led by Bellamy.

During the barrage with Grounders and Ice Nation surrounding the event, Bellamy and his other The 100 people finally get Clarke in their sights, but they must take cover in a cave.

Roan and Clarke also take cover in a cave and she speaks with him about their situations, how they are not so different. It turns out that he had been banished and from his people. But they are not one in the same, because he has Clarke as a bargaining chip to get back in.

Near the end of the Clarke and Roan storyline, Bellamy makes a desperate attempt to save her from Roan, but he lacks all of the necessary muscle and cunning warrior skills necessary to take a man like him down. Clarke begs for his life and in a strange twist of mercy, Roan bows to her plea. But not without sticking a knife in his leg and telling him not to follow them. He then takes her to Lexa for a not-so-welcome reunion, and she betrays him by locking him up.

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So what can fans expect in the next episode of The 100? Well, TV Guide reports that in Episode 3, titled "Ye Who Enter Here," it turns out that Clarke has enough cunning skill to scorn her former love interest. She will have a decision to make that could turn the tides for Season 3 of The 100 and the plot moving forward.

Bellamy will also find out that things are a little "rotten in Denmark" after seeing things for they really are, as opposed to what they seem like in The 100. Murphy will also get his chance to betray a former superior, and it might be a big one.

Watch a preview for it below.