Peter Gunz Shares Ultrasound Picture, Speaks About Tara Wallace Pregnancy — Did Gunz Reveal New Baby Name, Too?

Peter Gunz is going to be a father for the ninth time in just a few weeks. Tara Wallace is due to give birth to her third son with Peter, even though he’s still married to Amina Buddafly. Things got even more heated when Amina dropped a bomb that she’s pregnant again during the Love & Hip Hop reunion show taping. On Sunday night, Peter shared Tara’s ultrasound picture and let fans know that his next baby will be here in just a few short weeks.

Both Tara and Peter have made it clear that they really don’t care what everyone thinks of them. Tara posted an Instagram message proclaiming how “unapologetic” she is. Now, Peter is taking his turn to tell the world he doesn’t really care what they think of his impregnating two women at the same time. The International Business Times reported that Peter has been letting his feelings be known on social media lately.

Peter Gunz may have even revealed the name of his next son. Just days ago, the LHHNY rapper tweeted, “Dear Gunner daddy can’t wait to kiss your little feet and whomever don’t like it can kiss my little a**..” Is Tara’s new baby going to be named Gunner? Gunner Gunz? It seems that the forever side chick is doing everything she can to win Peter’s love and devotion, despite spending more than a decade with the LHHNY star and never getting a ring. Tara’s other two sons with Peter are named Jamison and Kaz. After having two boys with Gunz, he paid Tara the ultimate disrespect by getting married to Amina Buddafly in secret while still living with and carrying on a relationship with Wallace.

Ever since Amina got pregnant, Peter did a reversal and was living with his wife while still shacking up with Tara. Will these women ever learn? Probably not, and now Tara and Amina look even more like “sister wives” than ever before. Neither seemed to like the term given to them last year, but it doesn’t look like Tara or Amina are trying to leave Peter alone, either.

Gunz has been relatively silent about both Tara and Amina’s pregnancies outside of Love & Hip Hop‘s taping. That has caused many fans to wonder if Tara and Amina continue to cling to Peter and purposely get pregnant in order to carry on with their already insane storyline. VH1 producers will never move past the dramatic threesome to cast someone else if they keep up this level of crazy, because fans can’t help but watch.

Now that Tara Wallace is just two weeks away from delivery, Peter has been sounding very supportive of his pregnant side chick. He posted an ultrasound picture of little “Gunner Gunz,” and even captioned it “F*** the world see y’all in 2 weeks..” Ever since Tara finally admitted to being pregnant with Peter’s kid, she has been all over Instagram, showing off her growing belly. It’s a mystery how Wallace managed to hide the pregnancy for so long, only revealing her current condition after LHHNY cameras confirmed she was expecting.

Naturally, it was a very dramatic situation on the VH1 hit reality show, and fans definitely got way more than they expected with both Tara and Amina pregnant. We have to wonder why Peter Gunz thought he wouldn’t be heavily ridiculed for continuing to play the field with Tara and then come home to a distraught Amina, who should have left the rapper a long time ago.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]