Video Of 186-MPH Ride Lands Motorcyclist In Trouble With Police [Video]

Riding 186-mph and winding through traffic on a motorcycle isn’t too smart. But taking a video of yourself doing it and posting it online for everyone to see–including the police–is downright stupid.

That’s exactly what police in British Columbia said 25-year-old Randy George Scott did, filming his ride down a busy Canadian highway as he weaved in and out of traffic, at one point driving directly down the dotted white lines between cars on either side.

Saanich police received a call alerting them after the two-minute video was posted on YouTube by a user called “Joe Blow” on April 8, The StarPhoenix of Saskatoon reported. They were able to seize the blue Yamaha R1 after the video of the motorcycle ride first surfaced, but could not identify the driver.

Now tips from the public helped police on Vancouver Island zero in on Scott, who has been charged for his 186-mph ride, CNN reported. Police are still looking for Scott, who has had several run-ins with the police and is now on the Saanich Police Department’s “Most Wanted” list.

The video, which has already been viewed more than one million times online, shows Scott reaching 186 mph on the motorcycle, though police think he may have been going even faster at some points.

“We have a dedicated group of traffic safety officers and that is a very dramatic example of some obviously dangerous driving,” Sgt. Dean Jantzen told CNN.


“You can hear him accelerating even when it says 299 kilometers per hour [186 mph],” Sgt. Dean Janten told CNN.

The incident took place April 6 on a busy stretch of the Trans-Canada highway, which has a posted speed limit of 50 mph, CNN noted.

Scott could face up to five years in jail for his 186-mph motorcycle ride.