ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Episode 5 Brings Intense Drama For Ben Higgins And The Ladies

There is a wild night of romance and drama coming with Monday night’s episode of ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season. Ben Higgins and his ladies are headed to Mexico for this next round of dates, and viewers are anxious for some Bachelor spoilers. Who will get roses and who will be headed home?

According to ABC’s Bachelor spoilers, single mom Amanda Stanton gets the first one-on-one date of Episode 5, and Lauren Himle gets the other individual date. There is another group date coming in this episode, and a confrontation or two mixed in for good measure. By the end of the episode, two more women will be headed home.

Ben and Amanda will head out very early in the morning to begin their date, where they do some sightseeing via a balloon ride over some ancient ruins, and later, they share a romantic dinner. Amanda is said to open up to Ben about her divorce from her ex, the father of her two little girls, it seems that she will be brutally honest about what was apparently a very traumatic experience. According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, Amanda gets the rose.

The group date will involve nine bachelorettes and they will be having some Spanish lessons as the date begins. The Bachelor spoilers detail that they will then be split into teams of two, and they will race to pick up food noted on a list from a local market. They pairs are given recipes to recreate in a cooking competition and things get a bit wild.

ABC teases that one of the bachelorettes will try to manipulate things so that she can transform the group date into a one-on-one for her and Ben, and Reality Steve’s spoilers would seemingly point to this being Olivia Caridi. It seems that due to the odd number of bachelorettes on the date, Olivia ends up paired with Ben for the challenge, and she may well monopolize his time.

Jubilee Sharpe and Lauren Bushnell are said to win the competition, but Reality Steve’s spoilers share that Olivia scores the group date rose. At some point during this group date outing, Jubilee will have a chat with Ben, and it seems she will be pushing for some clarity on the state of their relationship. Steve’s Bachelor spoilers reveal that by the end of the date, Jubilee will be heading home.

The other date involves a fashion show for Ben and Lauren H. The Bachelor spoilers reveal that they will be participating in a show for Mexican designer Pineda Covalin. Ben and Lauren will end up walking the runway during Mexico City’s Fashion Week, and Reality Steve’s spoilers share that Lauren will get the rose.

The cocktail party for Episode 5 is said to have additional drama. Reality Steve’s spoilers tease that Olivia will make some kind of reference that likens Amanda to a Teen Mom cast member, and the other ladies seemingly come to Amanda’s defense. The Bachelor spoilers indicate that there will be bachelorettes who then go to Ben to talk about Olivia’s abrasive behavior, and this will lead to an intense chat between Ben and Olivia.

Despite the drama surrounding Olivia, she does already have a rose, so she is sticking around. With Jubilee already gone before the rose ceremony, only one bachelorette will be eliminated at the rose ceremony, and Reality Steve’s spoilers detail that this will be Jen Saviano. The remaining nine ladies will head to the Bahamas with Ben for Episode 6 airing on Monday, February 8.

Just how long will Ben put up with Olivia’s aggressive and abrasive behavior? Which lady will earn Higgins’ final rose? Fans are loving this season, and cannot wait to see what comes next on ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season.

[Image via The Bachelor/Twitter]