Nicole Madison Lovell, 13, Murdered, Dumped By Two Other Teens: What Was The Motive?

Nicole Madison Lovell, 13-years-old, from Blacksburg, Virginia, was murdered and dumped alongside a road sometime between Wednesday and Saturday of last week. Two other Virginia teens have since been arrested and charged with Lovell’s murder and disposal, with one big question remaining. How and why was Nicole Madison Lovell murdered?

Auburn Baptist Church in Riner, Virginia, remembered Nicole Madison Lovell at a special service last Sunday morning, saying she will be missed dearly. According to Youth Pastor Josh Blankenship, Lovell was a sweet girl who faithfully attended church every Sunday.

Said Blankenship via WSLS 10, an NBC affiliate out of Roanoke, Virginia, “Everybody is in shock. You ask yourself why this would happen to such a sweet, innocent, girl Nicole. She was the type of young lady that never, never met a stranger and was very faithful at the church. Loved the lord and was very loved by her family.”

So, why would two other teens allegedly murder Nicole Madison Lovell and dump her body along Virginia State Route 89?

State highway 89 runs not even a full eight miles from the North Carolina border into Virginia. Virginia State Police reportedly found the body of missing Nicole Madison Lovell on Saturday afternoon just outside the Virginia border in Surry County, North Carolina.

Lovell had been missing since late Wednesday, sometime between 7 p.m. and midnight, according to CNN. A missing and endangered child alert went out shortly after Lovell’s biological mother, 43-year-old Tammy Weeks, noticed her daughter had pushed a dresser against the bedroom door and climbed out the Lantern Ridge apartment window.

Nicole was described as a 13-year-old white female with brown hair and blue eyes, wearing black jeans, a gray shirt, and pink cowboy boots. Another descriptor used by the FBI missing person report was a tracheotomy scar on Nicole Madison Lovell’s throat. Lovell had underwent liver transplant surgery at 10-months-old, and required twice daily medication that she left behind.

Lovell’s father immediately took to his Facebook page, pleading with Nicole to come home.

“I’m not mad at you. I’m worried about you. Your family’s worried about you,” said David Lovell in a video recording.

Concern grew on Friday as Nicole Madison Lovell remained missing. Terri Lovell, Nicole’s step-mother, said the teen was sick wherever she was, and her organs were probably shutting down, saying Nicole needed the medication to keep her body from rejecting the transplanted liver.

Also on Friday, investigators were led to Virginia Tech University where they sought an 18-year-old freshman engineering student from Columbia, Maryland. David E. Eisenhauer was arrested on Saturday morning on the Virginia Tech campus in connection with the disappearance of Nicole Madison Lovell.

Eisenhauer is described as a standout athlete who was a member of the cross country team. ABC News 2 out of Baltimore, Maryland, did a profile on Eisenhauer in March, 2015, for the student athlete of the week.

“I just have this internal thing saying I want to be the best. I make my personal goals achievable or just out of reach of achievable, that way I’m just constantly striving to better myself,” said Eisenhauer in an interview with ABC News.

Tim Sands, president at Virginia Tech University, said the school was shocked and saddened by Eisenhauer’s arrest in connection with Nicole Madison Lovell.

“Speaking on behalf of our community, let me say that our hearts go out to Nicole’s family and friends,” Sands posted on the Virginia Tech website.

Hundreds of students from Virginia Tech helped law enforcement search for Nicole Madison Lovell over the span of a few days. Based on evidence, interviews, tips, and social media, Lovell’s body was finally found on Saturday about 100 miles from her home in Blacksburg. According to Blacksburg Police Chief Anthony Wilson, police were able to determine approximately where Lovell might be found.

David Lovell once again took to his Facebook page late Saturday afternoon, saying he was devastated that Nicole had been found dead.

Tammy Weeks was also shocked to learn of her daughter’s death, saying Nicole had survived so many health problems in the last 13 years.

“I’m hurt. It’s unbelievable,” said Weeks.

Weeks went on to say in a report by The Washington Post that Nicole was constantly bullied on social media and at school about her appearance.

Following the discovery of Nicole Madison Lovell’s body on Saturday, Eisenhauer was charged with murder, along with felony abduction, and on Sunday, another Virginia Tech student was also arrested in connection with the case. Natalie Keepers, a 19-year-old sophomore engineering student, was taken into custody for allegedly helping Eisenhauer dispose of Lovell.

Both Keepers and Eisenhauer are being held in the Montgomery County Jail without bond, and Lovell’s body has been sent off for an autopsy. Even though police haven’t officially stated why Eisenhauer killed Nicole Madison Lovell, evidence points to a relationship that Lovell had with Eisenhauer that possibly led to them meeting on Wednesday night. Lovell was also reportedly a member of several online dating groups for teens where she may have first come into contact with Eisenhauer.

“Eisenhauer used this relationship to his advantage to abduct the 13-year-old and then kill her,” said Blacksburg police.

But not even two days after Nicole went missing her father told news media that her liver would be shutting down and she was probably already into convulsions, which may have also led to her death. Unless Eisenhauer confesses to murder or until autopsy results are revealed, how and why Nicole Madison Lovell actually died will remain a mystery.

[Image via Facebook/Help Find Nicole Lovell]