Apple Revisits ‘Shot On iPhone’ Ad Campaign With iPhone 6s

Those beautiful “Shot on iPhone” advertisements are coming back — featuring the iPhone 6s. The popular campaign from last year is getting the same treatment for the newer iPhone 6s model. MacRumors reports that the new campaign features 53 images from 41 amateur photographers.

Time got a handle on the development yesterday, stating, “The new ad campaign features 53 images from 41 amateurs and professional photographers from around the world.”

“While the previous campaign included a variety of photographic subjects – from landscapes to extreme close-ups – this time, Apple has put the focus on portraits, most of them photographed in subtle, everyday moments,” Time writer Josh Raab continues.

Last year, the ad campaign focused more on nature and landscapes, but this year, the focus will on portraits to capture those subtle, everyday moments.

In fact, Apple has already contacted photographer Erin Brooks, who snapped a picture of her 3-year-old daughter with her iPhone 6s Plus not long ago.

“I honestly couldn’t believe that they contacted me,” she told Time.

“Photography for me, has been a huge creative outlet. It has taught me so many things about telling a story with an image, capturing someone’s personality, and it helped me move out of my postpartum depression,” Erin told Time. “Taking photos of my daughters, and their blossoming connection of sisterhood, helped me get well. I started to notice the pure beauty of my life, and connect with it, and with them, on an even deeper level.”

Last year’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign developed after Apple started posting amateur iPhone photos on their website. The company then started using the pictures in an all-out national ad campaign across billboards and other media such as television.

The new iPhone 6s advertisements will run in 85 cities across 26 countries.

Truthfully, Apple needs a nice advertising campaign because of their declining sales. Apple reported just a 2 percent revenue growth in quarter four of last year, and Tim Cook blames the rising value of currency in countries Apple sources their parts from in tandem with the falling value of dollars used by consumers who purchase their products.

“Apple has always been viewed as a no excuses, straightforward company,” wrote Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi. “Absent [last week] was the typically bullish perspective that its business was firing on all cylinders, which clearly it is not.”

Apple is definitely in trouble.

“We’re seeing extreme conditions, unlike anything we’ve experienced before, just about everywhere we look,” CEO Tim Cook told analysts during a conference call.

“It’s disappointing to see them miss on an already downward adjusted sales number and the fact is that with their iPhone growth slowing what was needed was a product to be excited about,” said J.J. Kinahan, a strategist at TD Ameritrade.

The answer for that could be the rumored smaller iPhone that’s set to make an appearance soon. The screen is rumored to be smaller, a sharp diversion from the bigger screens of last year, which many believed were just a rip-off of the popular Samsung phones.

For now, Apple is returning with its “Shot on iPhone” ad campaign featuring the new iPhone 6s.

[Photo by John Gress/Getty Images]