‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Episode 6 Takes Ben Higgins, Ladies To The Bahamas

Ben Higgins is falling in love on ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season and viewers are said to have quite the show ahead with Episode 6 airing on Monday, February 8. Higgins and his remaining ladies will be heading to the Bahamas in this next show and there are plenty of Bachelor spoilers available about what is slated to go down. What can viewers expect?

TV Guide confirms that Ben Higgins and his ladies are headed to the Bahamas, and it seems this is when the dreaded two-on-one date will take place. Bachelor spoilers indicate that another individual date is on the way, and naturally there will be a group date as well.

The one-on-one date is said to involve deep sea fishing and dinner, but the bachelorette involved makes a confession to Ben that could spell trouble for their blossoming relationship. According to Reality Steve‘s spoilers, the individual date in Episode 6 goes to Caila Quinn.

Just what is Caila’s big confession? Could it be about the boyfriend she had until very close to the time she left for filming, or could it be about something else? So far, Bachelor spoilers have not detailed the big secret Quinn will reveal, but it is said that she does get a rose on this date.

The group date in Episode 6 involves pigs and Reality Steve‘s spoilers tease that the ladies and Ben end up going swimming with the animals. This date reportedly took place at the Exuma Grand Isle Resort and Spa, and Amanda Stanton is said to have received the group date rose. While there may well be plenty of drama on this date, viewers will have to stay tuned for additional Bachelor spoilers about what else goes down.

As for the two-on-one date, Bachelor spoilers tease that this pits two “enemies” against one another. Ben and the ladies will head to a private island and only one women will be getting the opportunity to stick around. Reality Steve‘s spoilers indicate that Olivia Caridi and Emily Ferguson are the two ladies who are sent off on this outing.

Emily already had something of a mini two-on-one date with her sister Haley, when Ben took them out in Las Vegas and ended up eliminating Haley before returning to the hotel. Given that experience, most would imagine that Emily will feel quite anxious about this date.

Reality Steve‘s spoilers tease that Ben, Emily and Olivia will take a boat out to a private island for their two-on-one date. Each lady gets some individual time with Ben and one lady gets the rose. Which one heads home and which one continues on her journey hoping to find love with Ben?

According to Steve‘s Bachelor spoilers, Ben eliminates Olivia and keeps Emily. When he returns back to his room after the date, Leah tracks him down for a chat. Reality Steve‘s spoilers share that she will express some frustration that she is the only bachelorette left who has yet to get a one-on-one date, yet Caila has now had two dates with Ben.

Fans would likely point out that this lack of dates for Leah surely means that Ben is just not that into her, and it seems he takes this opportunity to go ahead and send Leah home. Reality Steve‘s Bachelor spoilers also reveal that after Leah’s elimination, Ben will cancel the cocktail party, seemingly feeling no need for one.

With Leah and Olivia already eliminated, just one bachelorette will be left without a rose. Reality Steve‘s spoilers share that Lauren Himle will be sent home after the rose ceremony, leaving just six bachelorettes in the hunt for Higgins’ final rose.

Episode 7 airing on February 15 will take Ben and the final six ladies to Higgins’ hometown of Warsaw, Indiana, and this set of dates will determine the hometown date recipients for Season 20. Which lady ultimately earns Ben’s final rose? Fans cannot wait to see how it all plays out as Ben Higgins looks for love on ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season.

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