Miami loan shark claiming to be Jackson executor

You just had to know that sooner or later the wackiness surrounding the death of Michael Jackson would start to surface and this story coming out of Miami definitely ranks up at the top so far.

It appears that well known Miami restaurateur, as well as a reputed mobster and a loan shark of some repute, by the name of Al Malnik has step forward claiming that he might be the executor of Jackson’s multimillion dollar estate. Oh and he is also claiming to be the father of Jackson’s youngest son.

This apparently came about during the time that Michael was drowning in debt from the court cases against him and Malnik rescued him from a $70 million loan.

At the time he supposedly signed everything over to Malnik, Jackson was drowning in debt, much of it coming from his child molestation legal bills and no doubt the $27 million he paid to silence a couple of other kids who had accused him of molesting them.

Malnik, who was once dubbed “heir apparent” to mobster Meyer Lanksky, reportedly saved Jackson from bankruptcy when he was unable to repay a $70 million loan.

But then Jackson got this crazy idea that Malnik might be expecting something in return and ended up accusing him of conspiring against him.

According to a 2005 Vanity Fair article, he believed Malnik along with music mogul Tommy Mottola and film director Brett Ratner were out to swindle him of his stake in the Beatles collection, which was worth more than a half-billion dollars.

Malnik disputed these allegations, saying he was nothing more than a father figure to Jackson.

Source: NBC Miami News – Reputed Miami Mobster Lays Claim to Jackson’s Son

The two men reportedly met in the office of a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.

picture courtesy NBC Miami News