‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam’s In Great Danger, Lulu Sways Dante, And A Big Confession Is On The Way

This should be a big week on General Hospital as spoilers tease that lives will be in danger and relationships will be facing significant obstacles. The last that viewers saw, Sam had fallen down the stairs after a confrontation with Jake. What is set to happen in Port Charles during the week of February 1?

According to She Knows Soaps, the situation with Sam falling down the stairs will be getting even more dire. Jake has been acting out and is very angry with Sam, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that he will check on her, but seemingly not get help for her.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Jake will initially be afraid that Sam died in the fall, but it seems that he will ultimately leave her in the basement. Celeb Dirty Laundry shares that Jason and Elizabeth will soon come home and find the broken window.

Jason and Sam are facing the fact that Jake needs some serious help. While they may be having a discussion with Jake about all that has happened, it sounds as if they will have no idea about the confrontation and fall that left Sam in the basement.

Apparently, Sam will be trying to get herself out of the basement and a gas leak causes a perilous situation. General Hospital spoilers tease that this leak may lead to a fire that has Sam fighting for survival. While Sam will survive, it seems that she will end up being hospitalized. In addition, Sam is said to have some intense hallucinations about Jason in the midst of the gas leak.

Also ahead this week, General Hospital spoilers detail that Lulu and Dante will have a serious talk. Viewers watched as she set the stage to try to woo Dante, and it seems that they may decide to put the divorce on hold. Michael will get some upsetting news from Felix this week as Ava finds herself pursuing legal action of some sort against Sonny, according to Soap Central.

Hayden and Nikolas are making plans to get married, but they will face some interruptions in their celebrations this week. General Hospital spoilers also indicate that Nik will have some detailed questions for Hayden that she tries to dance around. Will she manage to get hitched to him before he figures out all of the secrets she has been keeping?

Laura is said to get some surprising news from Scott later in the week while Dante may feel some jealous sparks when he sees Curtis and Valerie share some flirtatious moments with one another. General Hospital spoilers detail that Sonny begins working with a new doctor this week and it seems that this partnership may become a very productive one.

Nina is anxious to use her power at Crimson to help Olivia, but General Hospital spoilers indicate that Julian may not be happy about this plan. Morgan will be having more troubles with his bipolar disorder and medications while Kristina will be confiding the truth in Molly. Viewers were a bit stunned to see Professor Parker revealed and fans are curious to see just how far the show will go with this shocker.

There is said to be a murder confession coming this week and General Hospital spoilers tease that Jake will be dealing with a lot of guilt and admits to something. Just what has Jake done and how bad will things get with this violent behavior? Viewers cannot wait to see what comes next as the drama continues on General Hospital.

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