Texas: Plano East High School Suicide Pact Feared — Ritu Sachdeva, Hillary Kate Kuizon Died Within Hours Of Each Other

In Texas, two Plano East High School students were found dead within hours of each other. The body of Ritu Sachdeva was found found within her home shortly after midnight on early Sunday morning. Hours later, police found Hillary Kate Kuizon’s body in a wooded area south of Kimbrough Stadium, which is located near Murphy Middle School and McMillen High School. Authorities fear the deaths may be attributed to some sort of suicide pact, and they are hoping to quickly solve the mystery of the deaths in hopes of preventing any further tragedies.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the two families,” said Murphy police chief Arthur Cotten, according to The Dallas Morning News. “We are treating these two cases with the care and compassion they deserve, and will continue to seek answers for the families.”

The medical examiner has yet to determine the cause of death for either 17-year-old girl, but no evidence of foul play has been discovered, and the cases are being treated as suicide.

“Both deaths occurred within hours of each other under circumstances that have led investigators to presume they were both self-inflicted,” said the statement by Murphy police, according to Fox 4. “No motives have been identified, and no evidence of foul play has so far been detected.”

At this time it is uncertain whether the two cases are even related, but investigators are trying to determine if there is any relationship between the deaths of the two Plano East High School students.

“If that happened that there was some sort of pact, we need to know that because it may lead to further tragedies such as this one,” city spokesman Celso Martinez said. “We don’t know if it was but we don’t want to discount the possibility offhand.”

Friends of Ritu Sachdeva and Hillary Kate Kuizon have been posting messages on Twitter to remember the two teens. District spokeswoman Lesley Range-Stanto said the high school will be providing grief counselors on Monday and the Plano East Fellowship of Christian Athletes will hold a prayer meeting at 7:15 PM on Friday.


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Plano Fight Club Allegations

Plano East High School was recently shocked by an unrelated controversy. Head coach Travis Collins and assistant coach Reagan Allen were accused of using racist slurs and turning a blind eye to a high school fight club created by their players.

“It was as if it was just a game to the coaches to see who could dish out the funniest nickname or phrase to ridicule the hurt player,” one student said during the investigation. As an example, an injured high school player with a broken back was allegedly referred to by the coaches as “brokeback mountain.”

The fight club allegedly took place within the batting cages, and fights were arranged through social media.

“During the fights, usually organized by the seniors each year, all players are pit against one another in fights with the little protection given by cheap boxing gloves. There was no backing out of the fight for fear of shame and humiliation by the others,” one Plano East High School student claimed.

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