#RHOA Jamaica Trip, NeNe’s Return: Sunday’s Episode Had Twitter Buzzing [Spoilers]

The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode that aired on Sunday, January 31, had Twitter buzzing so much that RHOA became a trending topic. Twitter reported that #RHOA received 61,600 tweets as the RHOA episode aired, with RHOA fans discussing the Jamaica trip that the cast was taking during the episode.

As the episode opened, Bravo showed the cast getting ready for the trip. Cynthia Bailey took an earlier flight to Jamaica than the others in order to make sure everything was set for her eyewear commercial that Cynthia planned to shoot in Jamaica.

Kim Fields and her husband decided to bring their children to Jamaica with them, but this time they employed the services of an assistant to help them with the kids.

Sheree Whitfield surprisingly brought her ex-husband Bob with her on the trip. It was a surprising turn of events, because RHOA has shown the acrimonious relationship between the couple in the past — or “betwixt” as Fields would say. Child support issues and other problems drove the Whitfields apart, but on the bus to their Jamaica locale, Bob explained how he put his one bad eye on Sheree and scooped up a whole panoramic vision of her body. For her part, Sheree admitted that Bob would have to work hard at wooing her back.

While Bob was all over Sheree in hopes of rekindling a romance that they enjoyed 20 years ago when they visited Jamaica as lovers, Sheree made sure to clear up the fact that they were rekindling a friendship — not necessarily a romance.

The group entered the lobby of the Moon Palace Jamaica Grande in Ocho Rios, with Peter Bailey welcoming the RHOA crew. Peter explained that he grew up not far away from where the group was staying, and it was apparent that Bailey felt right at home.

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker, meanwhile, were back in Atlanta — with a big case of FOMO (fear of missing out.) Since it was so close to Kandi’s due date, and her doctor had already warned Burruss to slow down, Kandi and Todd didn’t make the trip to Jamaica.

Tension between Cynthia, Kenya Moore, and Kim arose when Cynthia told Kenya that she was going with Fields’ idea for her sunglasses commercial — especially since Moore didn’t show up to the pitch meeting. Meanwhile, Kenya was happy to bring her younger trainer boyfriend, Matt, on the trip with her to Jamaica. But the tension between Kenya, Kim, and Cynthia only grew as the duo tried to talk over their differences over dinner. Kenya felt she deserved a second chance at giving Cynthia an eyewear pitch idea. Cynthia still wanted to use Kenya as an actress in the commercial, but Kenya took issue with Kim’s thoughts on production and direction not acting in concert in the commercial.

Ultimately, Kenya pulled Kim’s chair out for her to leave the dinner table, because Moore felt as if Kim was trying to take her friend away. Moore called Fields a 50-year-old woman, while Cynthia called Kenya “Gone With the Wind crazy” because of the way she was acting. Moore went back to Fields’ Facts of Life days, in referencing the woman who starred as the girls’ head master in the show. For her part, Kim told Kenya to look up Fields’ IMDB page to see her real lists of credits.

Kim said that if Kenya would’ve touched her, a whole new side of Fields would’ve come out. Meanwhile, Kim’s husband called Kenya “butt hurt” that Moore wasn’t chosen to direct and product Cynthia’s commercial.

The presence of NeNe and Greg Leakes was kept a surprise by Cynthia and Peter from the rest of the RHOA crew.

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