Sheree Whitfield Reveals Status With Bob Whitfield, Expresses Happiness With NeNe Leakes

Sheree Whitfield surprised all of her The Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars when she showed up to the Jamaica trip with her ex-husband, Bob Whitfield. As was shown on Sunday night’s episode, Sheree also had a surprising reconciliation with her former enemy, NeNe Leakes. As the episode aired, Sheree shared her thoughts on her relationship with both Bob and NeNe.

In Jamaica, Sheree and Bob got along and seemed very friendly with one another. Their amicable relationship was in stark contrast to how their relationship was several seasons ago. The last time viewers saw Bob, Sheree was in a bitter fight with him over child support.

In the episode, Sheree said in an interview that she and Bob are working on being better friends for the sake of their children.

“Lately, we’re been working on being better friends for our kids. He’s trying to get back into my life, but he’s going to need to work for it.”

Have things between the two turned romantic since filming ended? As the episode aired, Sheree reiterated her statement that Bob needs to work to get another chance with her.

Sheree then tweeted that she and Bob are just friends. Yet she hinted that a romantic relationship is not out of the question.

Perhaps Sheree even watched the latest episode with Bob? Prior to the episode airing, Bob tweeted his anticipation over the episode airing.

Bob seems to realize that many of the show’s viewers don’t have a good impression of him and are hoping that Sheree stays away from him. Bob, perhaps to show that he finds the criticism funny, retweeted a viewer’s tweet that warned Sheree to be careful about Bob.

An unaired clip that was posted on shows Sheree and Bob Whitfield meeting up with Kim Fields, Kim’s husband, Porsha Williams, and Phaedra Parks for some drinks. Bob teases that he and Sheree got romantic while Sheree acts a bit mortified. In her interview, Sheree admits that Bob wants to be more than just friends.

“Now depending on who you ask about the status of our relationship, if you ask moi, I will say we’re just friends. If you ask Bob, he may have a different story for you, but that’s not the case!”

As the episode aired, Sheree Whitfield also talked about her relationship with NeNe Leakes. Sheree first celebrated the return of “the originals.” Both she and NeNe were part of the season 1 cast.

Sheree then tweeted that she’s happy that she and NeNe were able to move forward.

NeNe seems to feel the same. She re-tweeted a viewer’s tweet that laughed about NeNe’s past fights with Sheree and celebrated their reconciliation.

During the first four seasons, Sheree and NeNe often clashed with one another. Shockingly, upon NeNe’s surprise appearance in Jamaica, she and Sheree reconciled. The two women had a one-on-one sit down in NeNe’s hotel room the morning after NeNe’s appearance at the group dinner. “It’s Sheree muthaf****r!” Sheree announced upon entering NeNe’s room.

In her interview, Sheree acknowledged that she and NeNe had quite the tumultuous relationship.

“Me and NeNe, when we’re good, we’re great. But when we’re not, it’s another story.”

Viewers were shown throwback clips of some of Sheree and NeNe’s vicious fights, which included them insulting one another’s appearance. During their meeting in NeNe’s hotel room, Sheree and NeNe said that they didn’t even remember what all of their fighting was about. Sheree then said that despite the fact that they said really nasty things about one another, they always still had mutual respect for one another at the end of the day. NeNe agreed.

In her interview, NeNe said that she’s glad that she and Sheree are starting anew.

“I’m so glad that we can start anew. I mean that really felt good.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Sheree Whitfield admitted in November that she was disappointed when she heard that NeNe Leakes was leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Given their tumultuous history, some viewers may now be questioning if Sheree and NeNe’s good relationship will last into season 8, if both women are still on the show at that point.

[Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]