Joseline Hernandez Responds To Stevie J Diss After Partying With Rick Ross

Stevie J called Joseline Hernandez a ho after seeing pictures of his Stevie J and Joseline Do Hollywood co-star getting felt up by Rick Ross during the rap mogul’s birthday party. No one doubted that Joseline would respond to Stevie’s comment and the Puerto Rican Princess didn’t disappoint. Joseline also took a few shots at Stevie’s reconciliation with Benzino, further proving that his marriage to Joseline is over.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fans have been waiting for confirmation about whether or not Stevie J and Joseline had split or not. Now it looks like the split is real, and it might actually be permanent after Joseline was seen getting very hands-on with Rick Ross at his birthday party on Friday. A fan of the show saw a picture of Joseline with Rick Rozay’s hand resting high on her thigh and forwarded it to Stevie J on social media to ask what was going on. Stevie J responded with the shocking “Gotta let a hoe be a hoe.”

#TheBoss ????

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That didn’t sit well with Joseline for obvious reasons. Now LHHATL fans are wondering if Hernandez is posting on Instagram to make a point to Stevie. Joseline posted a photo about being pansexual, complete with definitions. It’s never been a secret that Hernandez is bisexual and has talked about it often. As a matter of fact, Joseline and another LHHATL alum, K. Michelle, are rumored to have some level of romantic relationship going on. Joseline and K. Michelle claim to be best friends, but the way they were making out during a premiere party for both of their spinoff shows last week shows that there is definitely more going on. Should Joseline’s post have said she was “any-sexual” then instead?

Joseline then posted two pictures of herself at Rick Ross’ birtday party from Friday night. The first picture shows Joseline and Rick together with no one else in the photo. In it, Ross is making a hand signal like a gun. Is that a message to Stevie J? The photo is captioned “#TheBoss” with hearts after it, making it seem like Joseline and Rick Ross really do have something going on. The second Instagram post is just Joseline in a bright yellow dress as she entered the party.

She been A1 since day 1! #FamilyOverEverything No we aren't together she's one of my best friends

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In even more exciting LHHATL news, Stevie J and Benzino finally kissed and made up. Well, they technically didn’t kiss, but they definitely made up, and that just goes to prove that Stevie J is done with Joseline Hernandez and ready to move forward by mending his friendship with Benzino. Stevie J fell out with his longtime friend just before Joseline attacked three different women during the taping of the reunion show for season three.

Stevie J and Joseline had been sparring with Benzino and his fiancee Althea Heart for a few weeks before the reunion show taping. That’s when tension came to a head and Benzino accused Stevie and Joseline of using drugs. Joseline came unglued and charged across the stage, attacking Benzino’s fiance Althea. Once Joseline was untangled from Althea, she turned around and lunged for Tammy Rivera before getting ejected from the LHHATL reunion show stage. On her way back to the dressing room, Joseline had to walk past Stevie J’s ex Mimi Faust, so she decided to attack Mimi too.

After the reunion show, it was pretty clear that the animosity between Benzino and Stevie J had reached an all-time high. Both sides swore they’d never be friends again, followed by a lawsuit against Joseline for her attack on Althea. Now it looks like Stevie and Benzino have mended fences, making Joseline Hernandez a permanent outsider now.

Stevie J even told Bossip last week that he and Joseline are not married. There was a lot of speculation in the past about whether Stevie and Joseline lied about being married in the first place. That seems highly likely now since a marriage license never surfaced and now there are no divorce papers to prove that Stevie and Joseline were ever legally wed.

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