Want To Be Dynamite In Bed? Nitroglycerin Gel Made From Explosives Used To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Men looking to ensure they are a literal dynamite in bed may soon be able to apply a nitroglycerin gel to their genitals to increase libido. The gel, made from the explosive substance used in dynamite, is expected to become a popular treatment for erectile dysfunction as it is inexpensive and works more quickly than oral pills. The rub-on gel is used on the man’s genitals and dilates the blood vessels to increase blood flow to the organ.

The Daily Mail reports that men suffering from erectile dysfunction may soon have a new, explosive treatment for their condition. With a noted one in 10 men in the United Kingdom suffering from erectile dysfunction at some point in their life, researchers at the UK are looking to the explosive properties of nitroglycerin as a potential treatment.

Nitroclycerin was first made, according to Bristol University, in 1847 by a Italian chemist named Ascanio Sobrero. However, Sobrero feared that nitroclycerin was too dangerous for the laboratory and could potentially cause extreme explosions, so he deemed the compound too dangerous to work with in the laboratory setting. However, in the 1860s, a Swedish scientist, Alfred Nobel, set out to find ways to use nitroglycerin for commercial purposes. Nobel discovered that if you mixed nitroglycerin with silica, it could be made into a paste, which was effectively dynamite that was used frequently in mining at the time.

Unbeknownst to Nobel, the explosive would later be used in medical treatments for heart patients suffering from heart attacks or angina. The nitrates enter the blood stream when ingested and help open up the blood vessels. This allows blood to more easily flow through coronary arteries to the heart, according to WebMD. The nitroglycerin found in heart medication is the exact same nitroglycerin found in dynamite according to Mad Science; however, the medication uses more highly diluted nitroglycerin than dynamite. Therefore, nitroglycerin pills are not explosive but are required to be kept away from light.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that doctors and scientists are encouraged by the idea of an erectile dysfunction treatment that utilizes the explosive compound. The new erectile dysfunction rub-on gel treatment would include a small percentage of the explosive nitroglycerin compound that is applied directly to the man’s genitals. Once the nitro-gel hits the skin, it will be quickly absorbed and begin to open the blood vessels in the penis. This will increase blood flow to the organ and help increase libido.

Currently, a trial of 200 men is underway in the United Kingdom, testing the innovative new nitroglycerin sex gel. The treatment will be an alternative to oral medications such as Viagra that take longer to go into effect. The gel will allow men to more quickly treat their symptoms for a more enjoyable situation. It is also a viable option for those who have side effects from Viagra treatments. Currently the only treatment for men who suffer side effects of oral medication is injection of drugs into the penis or manual pumping.

“For these men, the only other options are to inject drugs straight into the penis, or use a pump that manually increases blood supply to the organ. Neither is very popular.”

If the trials are successful, do you thin men will use the dynamite new rub-on gel as a Viagra replacement? What do you think about the idea of a nitroglycerin gel to increase libido in men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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