iPad Mini 4 Discounts Of $40 To $50 As Apple Prepares iPad Mini 5 Release

Apple’s iPad Minis are being discounted in what could be a thinning of inventory before the release of the new iPad Mini 5.

According to Apple Insider, the company co-founded by Steve Jobs has authorized retailers to knock prices down for both the iPad Mini 4 and some MacBook models, with the personal computers going for as much as $200 to $300 cheaper.

Apple Insider has a complete list of discounted MacBook models, as well as information on the discount for the iPad Mini, but it notes the discounts are only available to customers this week.

“This week, Apple authorized resellers have marked down a selection of 16GB-128GB iPad mini 4s by $40 to $50. Meanwhile, big discounts are popping up here and there on individual 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro configurations, like an instant $300 discount on the Early 2015 13″ MacBook Pro (3.1GHz 8GB 1TB).”

As for why Apple is discounting various models of iPad Minis and MacBooks, it is likely due to the release of newer models later this year. Macworld looks at the history of the iPad Mini 4, noting it was only released in Fall 2015. But it said a newer iPad Mini 5 model could be released this Fall, about a year after the current model was released with some major design updates.

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

“[By] far your best bet for the iPad mini 5’s release date is autumn 2016, and September presently looks more likely than October. That might change if Apple decides to revamp its entire iPad line-up – unveiling an iPad Air 3 as well as an iPad Pro 2 and iPad mini 5 – in which case it might feel that they deserve their own event a month after the new iPhones appear,” Macworld reported.

“With most iOS device launches, the product itself doesn’t arrive in shops for a little over a week after the unveiling, but Apple managed to take the wraps off the iPad mini 4 and announce its retail launch at the same time,” it continued.

iPad Mini 4 Discounts Of $40 To $50 As Apple Prepares iPad Mini 5 Release
There are now three different sizes of iPad - the iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Tech Times reports the iPad Mini was already the best-selling Apple tablet of the last quarter, so a release of an updated model could further drive sales of the device that is honestly not much larger than an iPhone 6 Plus smartphone. The big selling point, according to Tech Times, is the device’s size relative to price. It is large enough to be functional and yet cheap enough to bring shoppers over to Apple versus settling for similar devices made by Samsung and other electronics companies.

It is unknown how well the iPad Pro is doing in the marketplace. In a world with everyone using tablets, this reporter has only ever seen one in use by anyone on the subway or in the business world, while iPad Minis and iPad Air models seem to be everywhere. Despite the widespread visibility of the iPad Pro, Tech Times reports the model is holding up well with both Apple and analysts.

“How did the 12.9-inch iPad Pro fare you wonder? The biggest Apple tablet seems to have found favor with consumers and the two-in-one device notched up 12 percent sales in the period. This augurs well for the iPad Pro as it is off to a positive start despite its high price point of $799.”

News of solid sales for the iPad Mini – even if the latest model is discounted by as much as $40 or $50 – is sure to help Apple’s stock, which has been trading at record lows as of late. Going into Monday’s trading session after the weekend, Apple is trading at $97.34 according to Google Finance. Investors want good news, and this may be just what is needed to pull the stock out of its 2016 slump.

[Image via Justin Sullivan, Getty Images]