Amina Buddafly Talks Divorce – Will ‘LHHNY’ Star Leave Peter Gunz Now That Tara Wallace Is Pregnant Too?

Amina Buddafly has every good reason in the world to ask Peter Gunz for a divorce, but will she? The Love & Hip Hop star has been cheated on constantly since marrying Gunz, and there doesn’t seem to be an end to the rapper’s wandering eye. Now that Tara Wallace is pregnant and Amina confirmed she is also with child, will Buddafly opt to end this joke of a marriage to one of New York’s most hated men?

As Season 6 of Love & Hip Hop began, we learned that Amina was pregnant with her second child since marrying Peter. After more drama from Gunz as he continued to cheat with his forever side chick Tara Wallace, Amina claims she had an abortion. The revelation was really upsetting to Peter, who said on LHHNY that he had to go home and face Amina after she made the shocking decision not to have another child with Peter Gunz.

Tara Wallace handled her pregnancy a little bit differently. Tara announced that she was “unapologetic” for the way she ran her life and the decisions she made. Then everyone found out that Wallace was also pregnant and the father was Peter Gunz. This would make three children for Tara and Peter together although the two have never been married and Peter is married to Amina. It seems that Tara has a lot to apologize for and social media has relentlessly criticized Tara for continuing to cheat with Peter, knowing he is still married to Amina.

It turns out that Amina is pregnant after all. It was revealed during the Love & Hip Hop reunion show taping for the end of Season 6 that Buddafly was sporting a baby bump. Amina is reportedly three months pregnant and says the baby definitely belongs to Peter. Now, LHHNY fans are questioning whether Amina ever had that abortion like she claimed or if she got pregnant again immediately after. Either way, it’s not looking like Amina is making great choices these days.

Not that Amina cares what people think of her. Buddafly took to Instagram in the days following her second wave of pregnancy news and posted a meme that said, “What other people think of you is none of your business.” Clearly Amina is speaking to those who have been giving their opinion of her, Tara and Peter on her social media pages lately when she captioned the photo, “I mind my business.. Have fun on my page with each other.”

I mind my business.. Have fun on my page with eachother????????

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As for leaving Peter Gunz, Amina Buddafly has talked about leaving the cheating rapper in the past. Amina insists that VH1 producers are not showing all of her relationship with Peter on the show, according to Wetpaint, as if that makes his constant cheating okay. In an interview with Amina to promote Season 6, Amina talks about Peter and why she hasn’t left yet. “That is something that is so hard to explain because it’s not being shown on the show. the Peter that we love … there’s more to him,” Amina said. “I don’t give up fighting for what I love.” Apparently the former Black Buddafly singer still tries to work things out even while Gunz is out sleeping around.

“Before he was on TV, I had this image of him [as] a player, [but] once I started getting to know him and hanging out with him, it all changed and that’s what made me fall in love with him,” Buddafly admitted. Doesn’t that mean Peter is an even better player than she, though? It’s pretty clear that Gunz is still playing the field and Amina Buddafly is waiting for him when he gets home.

Amina has made it clear that despite Tara Wallace being pregnant and Peter Gunz possibly being the worst husband on the planet, she will not be leaving any time soon. “At the end of the day, I really don’t think I’m going anywhere because that’s my husband and that’s who I love.” Do you think Amina Buddafly stays with Peter Gunz out of love or is she in it for the Love & Hip Hop story line and paychecks?

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