Farrah Abraham Twitter Feud With Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace Gets Heated After Assault Charges Dismissed

Farrah Abraham is back on Twitter, this time with another feud. It has been just a few weeks since Nicki Minaj took her on, but this time it isn’t a huge celebrity. Abraham received tweets from Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace about charges being dropped against her for assault. This incident stems back to Celebrity Big Brother, which filmed last fall in the U.K. In fact, this is the business Abraham was attending to when she was deciding who would watch Sophia on Teen Mom OG.

Apparently, when Farrah Abraham was filming Celebrity Big Brother, she got into it with Aisleyne Horgan-Wallce. The ladies were getting loud, and when Horgan-Wallace threw champagne at Abraham, assault charges were brought up. It appears that Abraham wanted Horgan-Wallace arrested, and she was brought up on assault charges. Back in September, both Abraham and Janice Dickinson were warned about common assault when things got particularly heated on the set. Since then, the ladies have been coyly making comments about one another, without directly addressing anyone. According to Us Weekly, Farrah Abraham fired back at Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace as soon as the tweets named her. Since the charges were dropped against Horgan-Wallace, she is now calling out Abraham.

The last several weeks have been filled with non-stop drama for Farrah Abraham. It all started when Nicki Minaj called out Abraham for her behavior on Teen Mom OG. While there has always been something controversial about the young mom, the amount of attention over the last few weeks has been astonishing. From celebrities feuds to family drama, Abraham is being pulled in several different directions. Fans are amazed by the attention Abraham has received, including all of the judgmental comments and supportive remarks.

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As Teen Mom OG continues airing, Farrah Abraham does more and more questionable things. Several incidents she has been a part of have featured her mother or father. In the upcoming episode of Teen Mom OG, Abraham can be seen talking down to her father and cursing at him. This is the same way she treats her mother, and it has several fans upset that she is still allowed to film the show. If Abraham is comfortable treating her parents like this, how does she treat other people she comes into contact with? That seems to be up for debate, especially since each person would likely give a different answer.

Now that OK! Magazine has confirmed the assault charges against Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace have been dropped, Farrah Abraham can expect a lot of confrontation. Abraham claims she was assaulted during Celebrity Big Brother when Horgan-Wallace threw champagne on her. While the incident was debated by those present and viewers alike, the police decided to file charges on behalf of Abraham. Now that the assault charges have been dismissed, nothing is holding Horgan-Wallace back from calling out Abraham. In fact, the two have gone back and forth quite a bit in the last few days.

Many viewers are starting to believe much of this controversy is designed to help keep Farrah Abraham relevant. When she returned to Teen Mom OG last season, she wasn’t welcomed kindly. She had a bit of a dispute with co-star Maci Bookout. Since then, things have remained pretty low-key. Abraham recently began making headlines after the Nicki Minaj feud, and things have yet to die down. The headlines are always talking about Abraham and what she did now. This new Twitter feud has been coming for months, especially since Horgan-Wallace is annoyed she was even charged in the first place. Without Farrah Abraham posting on social media and doing questionable things, there wouldn’t be as much free publicity for Teen Mom OG as there is now!

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