Rob Kardashian Rescues Blac Chyna With ‘Insane Road Trip’

Rob Kardashian is Blac Chyna’s “knight in shining armor.” Who would have guessed that the seemingly least together Kardashian sibling would be the one to come through in a time of need? Rob did exactly that for his new girlfriend Blac after Chyna was arrested in Austin, Texas on January 29.

According to Hollywood Life, the only Kardashian brother showed his “love and dedication” to Blac when he jumped in his car for the 1,377 mile road trip from Los Angeles to Austin after he got the call about Chyna’s arrest. What an amazing effort! The trip took “a whopping” 26 hours of love, and never once did Rob lose his certainty that rescuing Blac was the right thing to do. Rob, age 28, got the notice that Blac was in trouble soon after Chyna was arrested at the Austin airport on January 29 at 4:20 p.m., and he didn’t hesitate for a moment to go after Blac.

Chyna was stuck in Austin because she was arrested for “public intoxication and drug possession.” The former exotic dancer was charged with drunk and disorderly conduct after she was removed from a flight into Austin on her way to London, England, for a paid gig. The cops were waiting for her because of her behavior on the flight that included “verbally attacking people aboard her flight, and getting caught with a controlled substance.” Blac was so upset by the sudden change of plans that she was “sobbing” as the cops took her away to jail instead of the Beorma Club for a planned “personal appearance.”

There was no way Rob was going to let Blac down as he rushed to the rescue. A source told Hollywood Life that Rob doesn’t care if the Kardashian family isn’t happy about the relationship, or about his spontaneous roadtrip to be at Blac’s side in her hour of need. He also posted a FaceTime of the two of them comforting each other after the arrest.

“Rob will do everything he can to make sure Blac’s OK after her arrest.”

According to the source, Rob Kardashian isn’t going to give in to family pressure on this one. He “has sympathy” for Blac, and believes that if his girlfriend wasn’t so much “in the public eye,” the arrest might not have happened and there wouldn’t be so much flack for Chyna to face. That’s, reportedly, why he made the “insane road trip.”

“He thinks it was an unfortunate incident that could’ve happened to anyone. It’s just that because Blac’s in the public eye, she got singled out more for it.”

Blac totally seemed to appreciate Rob’s unquestioning support and took to Instagram to make sure the world, and the Kardashian family, knew how she felt. She posted a photo to show her thanks that Rob was the kind of “Zaddy” who would be there for her “no matter what.”

When Zaddy holds u down no matter what ????☘

A photo posted by (@blacchyna) on

Rob and Blac were so happy to be out of there that, according to the Daily Mail, Chyna posted a Snapchat and later a video of the two of them leaving Austin in Rob’s Bentley. “Out of here!” said the caption on the photo that showed Chyna sticking her head out of the car window and winking.

[Photo by Associated Press]