Perrie Edwards Laughs Off ‘Pillowtalk’ As Little Mix Designs Gym Gear

Perrie Edwards has been rising to the top of the celebrity world with her band Little Mix over the month of January, but it appears that Zayn Malik may have tried to “drag her down.”

Although Little Mix has been delighted to design a new line of gym gear while having two nominations at the BRIT Awards and a spot on their performance roster, there have been some hold-ups for the band that are not Zayn Malik-related.

Furthermore, it appears that Perrie Edwards and Little Mix are holding up Simon Cowell in what may the final days of a phase in his successful career.

In disappointing news for Little Mix and fans alike, according to a report from Look, the band announced around January 29 that their anticipated video for the song, “Secret Love Song” with Jason Derulo was delayed until further notice.

Perrie Edwards of Little Mix gets obvious shade from Zayn Malik in his Pillowtalk video.
Perrie Edwards of Little Mix gets shaded by Zayn Malik in his video, “Pillowtalk,” and she responds. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

Interestingly, just as the Little Mix hashtag #SecretLoveSongVideo peaked on Twitter, Zayn Malik had his own message about love breaking onto the scene with his new single “Pillowtalk.”

Naturally, the first question many Perrie Edwards and Little Mix fans had for Zayn Malik was whether or not “Pillowtalk” or songs from the upcoming March release of his first post-One Direction album, Mind of Mine, were about Perrie.

The Sun points out that when Zayn Malik interviewed with Zane Lowe for Beats 1 around January 27, he specifically was asked about Perrie Edwards, and he admitted that some of his upcoming songs were “all about looking in the wrong place for love.”

About the “Pillowtalk” video, insiders close to Perrie Edwards told Hollywood Life the following.

“It’s just weird for her watching Zayn with Gigi in the video when the song was really inspired by Perrie’s relationship with him. Of course, she’s happy for him, but in all honesty watching the video makes her kind of sad.”

Hollywood Life also did the math and concluded that, based on Zayn Malik’s statements in the Beats 1 interview, he wrote “Pillowtalk” while he was still engaged to Perrie Edwards around the first of June 2015.

However, Little Mix and Perrie Edwards fans should not be worried that Perrie is sitting around feeling sad — and doing nothing to tell Zayn Malik how she feels about the “Pillowtalk” video.

As it appears, Perrie Edwards may be following some recent advice from Melanie Blatt of All Saints, according to Digital Spy. When asked what advice she would give to Little Mix about their careers, Melanie Blatt stated the following.

“F*** media training. Say what the f*** you want.”

Around January 30, Teen Vogue shows that Perrie Edwards may have been feeling Melanie Blatt’s words when posted a picture on Instagram that allegedly takes aim at Zayn Malik’s “Pillowtalk.”

Little Mix will be designing a line of gym gear for USA Pro based on their own personal preferences. (Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images)

It is concluded that the post is about Zayn Malik because she photographed herself holding a guitar with a pillow on a bed as a center focus. Perrie Edwards captioned this photo with “I could play all night.”

In the meantime, Perrie Edwards and Little Mix are the ones holding up Simon Cowell. Express writes on January 30 that, of all the X-Factor acts Simon Cowell signed, Little Mix and Louisa Johnson are the only winners still making music under his Syco label.

In the end, the real message that Little Mix and Perrie Edwards seem to be pushing is to “love yourself.”

According to the Daily Star, Little Mix and Perrie Edwards will be designing and advertising their new USA Pro gym clothing. However, in designing the new USA Pro gear, Little Mix said that they focused on the fact that sometimes gym clothing can make you feel insecure.

For this reason, Jade Thirlwall said she “[struggled] to find gym wear that fits a small frame, so I’m excited to make things that fit people my size!” Adding to this, Jesy Nelson says, “I have a fuller figure than the other girls, so it would be nice to create stuff that I feel comfortable to go to the gym in.”

[Picture by WPA Pool/Getty Images]