Bill Cosby To Andrea Constand: ‘Tell Your Mother You Were Awake — Tell Your Mother About The Orgasm’

Details about Bill Cosby’s interactions with Andrea Constand are providing more background about how Cosby tried to spin the situation over the years. As reported by the Inquisitr, Constand came out publicly with her accusations of sexual assault that she says Bill performed against Andrea. Constand’s social media pages are also full of images promoting the #ConsentIs movement, which seeks to help people understand when actual consent is given for sexual interactions versus when it isn’t.

According to the Associated Press, Cosby was attracted to Andrea right away, when Bill first saw Constand circa 2002 inside a Temple University gym. Bill said he could help Andrea’s sore back, with the then-66-year-old Cosby viewing his interactions with 31-year-old Constand as “romantic,” whilst Andrea simply saw Bill as an older mentor and somebody she could trust.

If the case goes to trial, plenty more about Bill and Andrea’s interactions will make it to the public. Cosby may or may not testify, because there are conflicting reports about whether or not Cosby has immunity. In 2004, Cosby had interactions with Constand in his suburban Philadelphia home that Bill said in a 2005 deposition involved him trying to help her back pain. Cosby often referred to his own full name in the third-person in the deposition.

“It’s one where she gets on my back with her back and her arms come under mine and I grab her and I say, ‘Now you relax,’ — I go up and I come down and I give that jolt and it’s supposed to line the vertebrae. Here’s a mentor, Bill Cosby, who is in the business — Bill Cosby, who happens to know something about what to do — and Andrea is not picking up on it.

“Andrea came to the house… We talked about Temple University. We talked about her position. And then I went upstairs and I got three pills… because she was talking about stress…. We sat for 15 or 20 minutes talking. I then said, ‘Let’s go into the living room.’… I asked her to have a sit down on the sofa. We were still talking. But then we began to neck and we began to touch and we began to feel and kiss and kiss back.

“I was hoping (it) had been a sort of a contribution to happiness, friendship, a moment that we shared.”

Cosby may have called the fact that he digitally penetrated Andrea an act of kindness or akin to a favor, but Andrea didn’t view the event that way. Initially, Andrea responded to Cosby’s invites to dinner when there were others present. Later, Bill invited her alone. Bill called himself a friend of Andrea’s — one who supposedly tried to help her get additional opportunities that he was frustrated Constand didn’t take advantage of.

Cosby claimed Constand didn’t have sex with Bill because he didn’t want Andrea to fall in love with him. Andrea’s attorneys note that Constand is gay. Bill spoke of two occasions in the deposition where there was supposed “sex play” with Andrea, one night when she’d had four alcoholic drinks and the other during the evening where Bill admitted giving her pills. That January, 2004, night is the focus of the case.

Later, Bill would beg Andrea to tell her mother things that made him look innocent — such as claiming Andrea had an orgasm. It’s a tactic that rape victims have experienced before, when the fact that their bodies may respond to unwanted sexual advances can be confusing. The phone call conversation between Cosby and Andrea’s mother was recorded.

“Tell your mother you were awake. Tell your mother about the orgasm. Tell your mother how we talked.”

Instead of accepting the funds offered by Cosby’s handlers to Constand or any more offers of meeting Bill at his Miami date, the Constands turned over the tape to authorities in Canada, and they in turn got in touch with Pennsylvania investigators.

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