Chris Brown Slams Baby Mama’s Claims About Giving Royalty Asthma: ‘No One Smokes Around My Daughter’

Chris Brown is speaking out against his baby mama Nia Guzman after the model publicly accused the “Loyal” singer of giving their 1-year-old daughter asthma.

Brown is no stranger to setting the record straight when it comes to allegations made by Guzman regarding the care of their daughter, Royalty, so after Nia revealed to TMZ that Royalty has developed asthma as a result of secondhand smoke exposure from Brown, the “Zero” singer took to Instagram to weigh-in on the accusations.

On Sunday, Guzman alleged to TMZ that Chris Brown’s use of marijuana and tobacco-based products has exposed their daughter to an “extreme amount” of secondhand smoke, thus resulting in her recent asthma diagnosis.

The site further explains that Nia feels that Brown is a “bad influence” on daughter Royalty, and that he’s making the 1-year-old “sick” as a result of her continued exposure to the secondhand smoke.

In addition, Guzman claims via legal documents that she’s “worried” about Brown “abusing drugs” around their daughter and alleges that the singer may have “relapsed … especially with sizzurp.”

Given Royalty’s asthma diagnosis, the site further explains that Nia Guzman is attempting to restrict Brown’s visitation time with Royalty and is requesting that a judge force Chris to hire a full-time nanny or be faced with a reduction in the number of visitation hours that he’s allowed to spend with his daughter.

Guzman is also hoping to convince a judge to force Brown to take random drug tests in an attempt to “prohibit him from using drugs or consuming alcohol” while their daughter is present.

In addition to random drug screenings and a reduction in visitation, the site also notes that Nia is seeking an increase in her monthly child support payments. Currently, Chris Brown is paying Guzman $2,500 a month to support Royalty. However, Guzman reportedly wants the payments increased to nearly $16,000 a month.

Chris Brown’s daughter, Royalty, is too cuteeee ✨✨✨

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Shortly after Guzman’s accusations were made public, Chris Brown took to Instagram to vehemently deny the accusations while also providing some insight into why he feels that Guzman is attempting to slander him in the media, the Shade Room reports.

“Absolutely untrue. I quit cigarettes on New Years. NO ONE smokes around my daughter,” Chris Brown began his Instagram post alongside a screenshot of TMZ‘s headline which reads, “You gave our kid asthma with your weed.”

“This is obviously a play to get some sort of increased income. I take care of my daughter and I would never ever put her in a position that will harm her.”

Chris Brown continues, “I’m so sick and tired of negative people trying to use me and slander me. All this annoying bs, everybody knows what they do in these street. My daughter is my pride and joy and I will not be played because my lifestyle is different from the other parties involved.”

Brown then goes on to gush over Royalty’s successes, admitting that his daughter is “the youngest in her class and the most advanced” and is “constantly learning and being creative.”

“I won’t do this back and forth negative things,” Brown concludes, “so I’ll just say god bless whoever is struggling and needs to use me to better their life even though I fulfill my duties as a father.”

This isn’t the first time that Brown has blasted media rumors regarding his role as a father to daughter Royalty. Last year, Chris Brown lashed out at TMZ after the site claimed that he and a group of his friends were drinking sizzurp while daughter Royalty was under his supervision.

Prior to the story being published, Brown took to Twitter to warn fans against the impending allegations, admitting, “I got a great album coming, having a great time being a father, and also staying out the way! Ima grown man and I live my life on my terms. Media is so predictable now..Lol. I’ll be sure to send you a personal copy of my album,” Urban Islandz reports.

What do you think of Nia Guzman’s claims that Chris Brown gave Royalty asthma?

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