Donald Trump Likened To Voldemort And Adolf Hitler, But GOP Candidate Doesn’t Mind Because Of His Successful Veterans’ Rally

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump was recently compared to Harry Potter villain Voldemort and Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler in two different instances. During Thursday night’s GOP debate, presidential candidate Ted Cruz has revealed that FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly compared Trump with Voldemort off-camera.

Nonetheless, a FOX News spokesperson clarified that Kelly did not liken Trump to Voldemort as a form of insult. As per the report, Kelly merely asked the candidates if they purposely skipped talking about the tycoon as if he was Voldemort, the fictional character also famous for being called “He Who Must Not Be Named.”

“Well, you know, you were joking just before we went on air that it was sort of like Voldemort, He Who Must Not Be Named,” Cruz claimed in the post-debate interview he had with Kelly. The moderator simply smiled.

megyn kelly fox debate
Megyn Kelly speaks with Republican Presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Last year, BBC published an article that provided reasons why people couldn’t help but compare Trump with Voldemort. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling even shared the article on her Twitter account and said, “Voldemort was nowhere near as bad.”

Kelly questioned Trump’s absence from the debate. She said that his non-appearance did not send a good message to the voters of Iowa. Cruz also criticized Trump for not showing up, and tried to imitate his strong personality.

“I’m a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly! And Ben, you’re a terrible surgeon. Now that we’ve gotten the Donald Trump portion out of the way, I want to thank everyone here for showing the men and women of Iowa the respect to show up.”

The mogul chose not to attend the event after claiming that he was unfairly treated in a previous debate moderated by Kelly. He said that FOX News already apologized in an attempt to make him attend the GOP debate. However, he opted to organize a veterans’ rally at the nearby Drake University that coincided with the debate’s time.

Trump took pride that they were able to raise more than $5 million for the benefit of various veterans’ groups. He announced that he contributed $1 million from his own pocket to help veterans across the nation. He also admitted during his speech that his absence could hurt his presidential aspirations, but such uncertainty wouldn’t change the fact that the rally was a success.

“Will it be a good thing? Will it be a bad thing? Will I get more votes? Will I get less votes? Who the hell knows! But we raised over $5 million in one day! Once this ball started rolling, we couldn’t stop it.”

He shared the same sentiment when he appeared on CBS’ Face the Nation.

“Here’s the difference. I was treated very unfairly by Fox. They weren’t treated badly. I mean, I was treated very, very badly by Fox. I went out, and I raised $6 million for vets. That’s more important, frankly, than doing a debate.”

If Trump reminded Kelly of Voldemort, Anne Frank’s stepsister thought of a non-fiction character: Adolf Hitler. During the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Auschwitz camp survivor Eva Schloss told Newsweek that Trump becoming the next president “would be a complete disaster.”

“I think [Trump] is acting like another Hitler by inciting racism. During his U.S. presidential campaign he has suggested the ‘total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,’ as well as pledging to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico to keep illegal immigrants out.”

Schloss isn’t the only Holocaust survivor who expressed fear over Trump’s possible victory. Attendees of the event claim that Trump exhibits the attitude Hitler had towards people from marginalized groups.

[Image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images]