$500 Tip For Waiter Fulfills Man’s Dying Wish [Video]

On his deathbed, Aaron Collins had one wish–to go to a pizza place and leave the server a $500 tip. Now after his death Collins’ family helped make that wish come true, visiting a Kentucky pizza joint and leaving the enormous tip to a lucky waitress there.

Collins story has been making the rounds on the internet, first surfacing on the blog Fark and also on Reddit, where a submission about the gift garnered more than 1,200 user votes. After Collins died on July 7, his family didn’t have the money to make the wish come true themselves so turned to a website to help raise the cash.

His family met at Puccini’s restaurant in Lexington, Ky., for a pizza lunch, and afterward presented the $500 tip to their waitress, Yahoo reported.

She appeared dumbfounded.

“Are you serious?” she asked repeatedly as the family handed over the $500 tip to her. Maybe taking in some of Collins’ goodwill, she promised to share the gift with her co-workers, saying, “You know, I’m going to be telling this story for the rest of my life.”

Aaron’s brother Seth made an introduction to the video, saying that before dying Aaron hoped the $500 tip would help someone who is normally under-appreciated

“We think he just wanted to provide a random act of kindness and generosity for someone he thought was under appreciated; the kind of thing that would make a lasting impact they would never forget,” Seth said.

The $500 tip might not be the end of Aaron’s giving. The website they set up to raise money is still raking in donations, and they titled the video, “The first $500 tip” in the hopes that there will be more.

“We have already received over $500 more, so we will be doing this again soon. Hopefully we can continue changing the lives of random waiters and waitresses for years,” they wrote.