Underlights: New Hair Dye Trend For 2016 That Hides Rainbow Or Subtle Blonde Champagne Colors In The Hair

You may have heard of the oil slick hair trend, as reported by the Inquisitr. Then there was the glow-in-the-dark hair trend, as well as the “Scandi Wave” video that flipped hair experts out when learning that beach waves could be created with a flat iron. However, whereas beach waves might be perfectly suitable for some conservative offices, rainbow-colored hair might not be. As such, the “underlights” hair trend was born.

As reported by Elle UK, hair underlights are created when a section of hair is secured into a top knot or a sort of ballerina bun to protect it from being dyed crazy colors. Then the hair beneath is dyed all the colors of the rainbow that the person receiving underlights would like. The theory is that when the hair is down, the colors aren’t as in-your-face and apparent when the top knot is up and being employed.

On Instagram, the #underlights hashtag enjoys 5,041 posts, with plenty of images showing the various ways that underlights can be created.

Underlights are being called a way to try the rainbow hair trend without fully committing to the entire head of colorful hair. Indeed, underlights can be a way to dip one’s toes (or hair strands, as it were) into a new hair trend without going whole hog. This is especially true if the underlights wearer chooses to have small sections of the hair in the back dyed while leaving the majority of the hair a more conservative color.

Reactions to the underlights can then be gauged, and if they are positive from both those wearing the underlights and those in authority at the person’s job, more bold hair coloring styles could be had. Or, a person who falls in love with their underlights so much that they want to keep them could always look for a new job in a more creative industry that accepts underlights.

Additionally, the underlights hair trend doesn’t mean you have to include bold rainbow colors. As written by Ruby Devine in an Instagram video, underlights can simply mean sporting one shade of blonde in contrast to another shade of blonde, such as strawberry blonde beneath another icy shade of blonde.

Those types of highlights offer a way for folks who don’t want to walk about with rainbow-colored hair a way to sport the underlights trend, without wearing a bold and in-your-face hair color that brings stares. Using underlights to display varying but subtler shades still provides depth to the hair and a creative look.

According to Brit + Co, underlights mean that a person has to walk around with a ponytail or top knot if they want their underlights on full display. On the other hand, wearing the hair down in full swing offers a sneaky peek of underlights that can look just as good.

“Introducing: underlights. A subtler, sneakier take on rainbow hair, this look focuses all rainbow power on the underside of a person’s mane. The top remains either natural or dyed a more conventional hue, making this secretly bold ‘do totally workplace friendly. When you decide to let your rainbow colors come out and play, the style’s peekaboo color blast feels right at home in a sloppy topknot or poking out from under a ’90s girl half-pony.”

On YouTube, the underlights hair trend is beginning to gain some DIY videos, explaining to folks how to create the look on their own heads, or how to instruct their hair stylists to do so.

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