New Mitt Romney Ad Attacks Obama Using Old Hillary Clinton Clip [Video]

Mitt Romney’s campaign is getting creative – pulling old clips of Obama allies critical of the president and using them to their advantage. Romney’s latest ad features none other than Hillary Clinton, laying shame on the incumbent president.

Mitt Romney takes a jab at President Obama’s job outsourcing with a television ad released on Tuesday in which a clip of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (when she was working her own presidential bid in 2008) is used to Romney’s advantage, reports The Hill. In the clip, Clinton issues a similar criticism of Obama, saying, “Shame on you, Barack Obama,” during the 2008 primary bid. Romney’s ad continues the criticism, releasing a press statement along with the ad, “Just like he did against Hillary Clinton, President Obama now continues to spread dishonest attacks about Mitt Romney to distract from his failed record.”

The uncompromising ad shows a change in tactics on the part of Romney’s campaign, as he deflects similar charges regarding his Bain outsourcing skeletons and placing similar onus back on President Obama. “If you’re responding, you’re losing,” Romney said a few weeks ago of the left’s outsourcing charges directed against him, reports NY Daily. Instead, he seeks to shed light on the plank in Obama’s own eye.

The president has bit back regarding the ongoing battle of job outsourcing. “No, what Gov. Romney’s advisers don’t seem to understand is this: If you’re a worker whose job went overseas, you don’t need somebody explaining to you the difference between outsourcing and offshoring,” he said last month. Romney’s response last week threw the blame back at the president. “I of course respond to the attacks which come. But you know, they say in politics, if you’re responding, you’re losing. I think the better course for our campaign is to respond to the attacks as being completely off-base,” said Romney.

Conservative allies are coming out in support of Romney’s more aggressive campaign tactics as well. “This is hardly the president we thought we were going to get in 2008,” Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), a possible Romney running mate, said Thursday. “This is not the Barack Obama of 2008 and it’s really kind of sad that we’re at this juncture.”

Of course, Obama’s campaign wasted no time firing back. Of the ad and the report that Romney had been Bain CEO much later than he reported, Stephanie Cutter, an Obama spokeswoman, said, “Now, we know that he wasn’t telling the truth,” continuing, “It’s time for Mitt Romney to come clean so that the American people can make their own judgments about his record and his motivations.”

Romney’s ad came out the same day as the Boston Globe piece that exposed Romney’s false Bain CEO claims. The poorly-timed but potentially effective ad is posted below for your viewing pleasure:

What do you think? Is Romney’s ad featuring Hillary Clinton effective? Is the Bain scandal too much for the presidential hopeful? Sound off below!