Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Robert Griffin III Could Be Major Target To Replace Tony Romo

The Dallas Cowboys are rumored to be considering a big change at quarterback, with reports that Robert Griffin III could be an off-season target if he is cut by the Washington Redskins.

Griffin lost his starting spot this year to Kirk Cousins, and is expected to be a salary dump by the Redskins, but he may not be leaving the NFC East. There are growing reports that the Cowboys may take a swing at the former Baylor quarterback, who could serve as the heir apparent to Tony Romo.

Those rumors were pushed along this week by Hall of Famer Troy Aikman, who told SI.com that he believes either Griffin or Johnny Manziel will be baking up Romo in 2010. Fellow Cowboys legend Daryl Johnston also said Griffin could be a good fit in Dallas.

Griffin’s former college coach thinks it will be RGIII.

“You could have a dream. That would probably be making it come true,” Baylor coach Art Briles said from Senior Bowl practices. “That would be a great place for him. It’s a great organization; being back in Texas and with the Cowboys and having a chance to get in there under Romo for three years. Not that they need to sell tickets, but it wouldn’t hurt ticket sales.”

It’s been no secret that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has coveted Robert Griffin III for some time. Back in 2014, Jones sung his praises, noting his strong performances against the Cowboys in the past.

“I’m a fan of RG3” Jones told NFL Network in November of 2014. “Right on this [Dallas] field two years ago, or maybe it was three seasons ago, he put on a show and had a great game that just floored me. And [the Redskins] won – and they won in large part because of his play at quarterback. I thought, ‘My goodness, we’re going to have to be playing this guy for years and years.’ So he’s got it. … Once you see a player do it, especially if you see him do it two or three times, you know he can do it. And of course he’s a driven young man. I’m a big admirer of RG3.”

The interest could go both ways. Just days after the season ended, reports circulated that Robert Griffin III was interested in signing with the Dallas Cowboys if he was cut.

Yahoo Sports reported that Robert Griffin III — as well as fellow Texas native Johnny Manziel — were both interested in playing for their home state team.

“That each is aiming for the Cowboys is not a sudden revelation. Sources close to each player have maintained since the beginning of last offseason that if either was cut loose from his franchise, there was a belief that Jones would be interested,” wrote Charles Robinson. “That remains to be seen. Regardless, the same sources have told Yahoo Sports that both Manziel and Griffin have Dallas atop their preferred destinations should they become available.”

The rumors surrounding the Dallas Cowboys and Robert Griffin III make sense given the barren landscape for backup quarterbacks in the NFL. The team found out this year how the other half lives, spending the majority of the season switching between ineffective backups and tumbling to a 4-12 record. If the team wasn’t already thinking about how to replace Romo when he reaches the end of the line, they certainly would be after the 2015 season.

[Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images]