Louis Tomlinson ‘Exposed’, One Direction Star Drinks Coffee

Louis Tomlinson has created plenty of headlines for the tabloid media in recent weeks. One Direction star Louis has been accused of being a drunk, of neglecting his “baby mama” Briana Jungwirth, and of being “kicked out” of a London comedy club. Many of Tomlinson’s fans are convinced that the birth of Louis’ son last week is some kind of sick publicity stunt. There has even been a ton of speculation about Tomlinson’s relationship with actress Danielle Campbell.

It’s not like there is nothing to report about Louis, but it seems that some outlets are so desperate to fill column inches that they are keen to report that Tomlinson went for a coffee.

As was reported in Inquisitr recently, the Daily Mail hit us with the huge news that Tomlinson and Campbell went shopping in a grocery store. The U.K. tabloid has followed up that big news with a mind bending story that Tomlinson went for a coffee, as he “must have been up all night looking after his son Freddie.”

Apparently, Tomlinson “looked like he was in need of a caffeine fix as he stepped out in his former flame Briana’s home city of Los Angeles on Friday.”

“24-year-old Louis has barely strayed from Briana’s side since the birth last week and has been making the most of every minute with his newborn son.

“The ‘Kiss You’ singer certainly seems to be taking to fatherhood like a duck to water and was also spotted looking cool, calm and collected while stepping out of his Beverly Hills hotel on Thursday.”

The Sun reports that Louis is swapping hotel life for a $20 million home that he is renting from hypnotist Paul McKenna. It seems that Tomlinson has rented the swanky pad from McKenna at a cool $50,000 per month so that he can spend time close to Briana and baby Freddie. It seems that Louis’ temporary pad sports a cinema room, pool, and gym, and Leonardo DiCaprio is among the neighbours.

“The pad has ultimate luxury and privacy, the two qualities that Louis wanted.”

At present there is no information about how long Tomlinson intends to remain in L.A. but as One Direction move into their forthcoming break it seems that Louis will have plenty of time to decide. Tomlinson has registered his own record label and has intimated in the past that he would like to use the label to support emerging artists.

It has also been rumored that Tomlinson will return to his roots this fall by becoming a judge on the next season of Simon Cowell’s X Factor. The show has been suffering from a dramatic fall in ratings, and Cowell is believed to see Tomlinson as the man who can bring some much-needed impetus back to a show that looks increasingly tired and outdated.

It would be a delicious irony to see Tomlinson swoop in to rescue a show that helped to make his name. It would certainly allow Louis’ millions of fans to see another side of the One Direction star. Tomlinson and his bandmates remain some of the biggest stars in the music business, but it sometimes seems that sections of the media are determined to talk about anything except the music.

Surely, the fact that Louis was “papped” leaving a hotel carrying a cup of coffee is not news to anyone except for newspapers desperate to fill column inches with a story, any story, about Tomlinson and his bandmates.

It’s a pretty safe bet that Tomlinson’s fans would much rather read about Louis discussing his songwriting and music than whether he drinks coffee or not. What most fans would love to see is the paparazzi and tabloid press leave Tomlinson alone to have a little privacy so that he can enjoy a well-earned rest.

[Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]