Did Harry Styles’ Pal Nick Grimshaw Just Reveal One Direction Breakup?

It can’t be easy being Harry Styles’ friend and having access to insider information about the heartthrob’s solo career and life aspirations, not to mention insights into the future direction of One Direction, or the odd scoop about who the curly-haired hunk may be planning to date next.

Spill one detail too many and you could be held responsible for a Twitter meltdown or a spate of adolescent cutting, or even get yourself sued by Simon Cowell or Modest (or Jeff Azoff, or whoever is actually managing Harry these days) if the info happens to be classified or sensitive.

Nick Grimshaw may have learned this the hard way when he made some comments about One Direction’s future on Radio 1. The mouthy-by-trade radio man was speaking to Rob Backett when he let this doozy slip:

What started as some light banter about Nick treating Harry as a Veronica Malik-style sexy secretary and ordering the 1D hunk to bring him coffee quickly escalated into a scandalous admission.

And we’re not just talking about the fact that Harry regularly comes into the BBC studios drunk, as funny as it is to imagine the One Direction crooner staggering past in tight pants as Will Self is recording the latest episode of “A Point Of View.” No, there is an even bigger scandal here: Nick seems to think One Direction has broken up for good.

“[Harry] doesn’t come in anymore, now that they’ve split up. I mean, now they’re on a break, sorry. That’s what we’re saying. A break, for eighty years!”

First, he accidentally says the band has split up. Nick Grimshaw then quickly backpedals, but only does more damage.

A break is “what we’re calling it,” according to Nick, who goes on to reveal the true duration of the “break”: it will last until all the young 1D boys, including fresh-faced Harry, are either grey-haired or decomposing in the earth.

Could there be truth in this? Us Weekly caused a stir when they reported that One Direction have broken up and the “hiatus” they’ve announced is a cover for a permanent split. The Inquisitr has previously speculated about the band’s reasons for doing this.

Nick Grimshaw is not the only pesky friend causing trouble for Harry these days.

The Sun is reporting that Harry has had a difficult week dealing with backlash over his fling with stylist Pandora Lennard. Outlets like Hollywood Life claimed Harry “two-timed” supermodel Kendall Jenner with the London blonde.

It seems Kendall and Harry have a lot of mutual friends in LA, and the curly-haired hunk has had to spend the better part of the week explaining himself to these Kendall-defenders, who are perhaps feeling protective of the stunning supermodel.

“He’s had a difficult week dealing with the fallout from last Sunday’s revelation that he hooked up with Pandora Lennard in the U.K. — days after a romantic hol with model Kendall.”

Harry has taken the time to explain that he did not cheat on the brunette stunner, because they were never official.

“[Harry] insists to friends he did nothing wrong because he and Kendall were not official.”

A source close to Harry spoke to the Sun and went into some detail about the happily-single 21 year old’s stance. Apparently Harry is not looking for a serious girlfriend and is not ready to settle down yet.

Harry and Kendall are going to remain friends.

“They are still going to carry on as friends. Harry doesn’t want to settle down so he would never get a serious girlfriend during this phase of his life…in Harry’s eyes it was never anything official…”

In happier Harry news, a new photograph of the curly-haired crooner with a blonde companion, thought to be Jeff Azoff’s girlfriend, has emerged on social media. The duo pose smiling in front of a birthday cake. It looks like Harry has been celebrating his birthday a day early as the One Direction star turns 22 tomorrow.

[Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP]