When Is ‘The Bachelor’ Season Finale? Ben Higgins Engaged, Who Does He Really Pick?

Ben Higgins’ season of the Bachelor is moving along quickly with just a few episodes left until the final rose ceremony. The season finale will air on March 14, one week after all but the final two girls face Ben on ABC‘s Women Tell All special.

Reality Steve is confident that fans will see Ben get down on one knee and propose on the finale, but are his final rose spoilers right this season? In previews shown throughout the season, Ben reveals that he falls in love with two girls and struggles with his final decision.

Was it really hard for Ben to choose between his two final picks — rumored to be Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher — or are producers trying to keep fans wondering if there could be an unexpected twist when the finale airs in March?

After the premiere aired in early January, Jimmy Kimmel predicted that JoJo Fletcher would would get the final rose, and Lauren Bushnell would be this season’s runner-up. Kimmel usually gets the ending right, and although Ben has great chemistry with JoJo, it’s hard to deny the connection between Ben and Lauren B.

Early in the season, Ben revealed that he was extremely interested in Lauren, writing in his People blog that she took his breath away when she stepped out of the limo. On their first one-on-one date (Episode 3), Ben and Lauren appeared to be so smitten with each other it was hard to believe it was their first date.

Ben didn’t have a one-on-one date with Lauren on Episode 4, he reassured her that he was still thinking about her with a group date rose. Once again, he wrote about her in his blog, stating that their time together was “the start of something special” and he wanted to make sure she knew that he felt that way.

While Ben seems to be totally smitten with Lauren B., there’s no denying he has eyes for JoJo Fletcher, as well. Although WetPaint reveals that there was a lot more to their first one-on-one date than the helicopter ride and fireworks that viewers saw (they played blackjack and won!), JoJo’s insecurities could be a big factor when it comes to handing out the final rose.

During their first date (Episode 4), JoJo tells Ben that when she came on the show she tried to be “open hearted and open minded” but felt scared because she realized her guard was down. She blamed her past for making her cautious about giving herself completely in a relationship.

Her fear of opening up could be a red flag for Ben, but it won’t stop him from getting to know her in the episodes leading up to the final rose ceremony. Spoilers point to JoJo getting closer with Ben as the season progresses and that leads to a hometown date, a night in the Fantasy Suite, and — if spoilers are correct — a spot in the final two with Lauren B.

Ben’s overnight dates and the final rose ceremony were filmed in early to mid-November at the Sandals Royal Plantation in Jamaica, a romantic setting for a proposal. If Reality Steve‘s prediction is right, fans will see Ben get down on one knee and propose to Lauren B. after he sends JoJo home.

For many fans, the spoilers probably aren’t even necessary, with Ben giving off the “Lauren is my future wife” vibe from night one. Although he appears to have a good connection with JoJo, what’s not to love about his easy going and natural relationship with Lauren?

Watch the Bachelor on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET and set your DVR for the March 14 final to see if the rumors are true – Lauren Bushnell is engaged to Ben Higgins.

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