This Hit And Run Video Might Cause You To Be Upset At Humanity

A hit and run video is recorded every day. However, it’s rare that such a video is caught in this type of abominable stature. Thus, this hit and run shows humanity at one of its lowest states.

In Sussex, on January 14, a 53-year-old man was crossing an intersection with his bag of groceries. Not even two seconds into the video, the man is hit and knocked out-of-view. However, fortunately, there were multiple cameras set on the street.

A second video camera caught the hit and run from an extended view. The viewer can clearly see the pedestrian go completely airborne after the detestable driver hit him.

Not only did the man take flight, but he landed several yards away from the initial location, which can be seen from the third camera angle in the video.

And as you look down the street, the hit and run driver continued to flee the scene. There’s no way the driver could say he was unaware that he hit the older man. You can watch the viral video for yourself below, in the following Facebook post.

Utterly deplorable, yes? It’s understood that other countries don’t have strict policies regarding “pedestrians first,”contrary to those within the United States. Even so, if the driver had just an ounce of humanity, he would’ve stopped and allowed the man to cross safely — or, at the very least, stopped after having catapulted the man into the parked vehicles.

The hit and run video‘s description mentioned that the man was taken to a nearby hospital and was treated for head injuries. Thankfully, the description also noted that he’s recovering well from the incident. However, that didn’t keep Sussex Police from continuing the search for the running assailants. And with such a heinous crime, the public was glad to assist as much as possible.

On January 26, Sussex Police made an update about the hit and run situation via its Facebook page. Essentially, the department mentioned arresting two suspects involved in the run-in. Also, the department said that it was combing for witnesses who saw the hit and run. Likewise, on January 27, law enforcement officials stated as follows.

“Thank you to everyone for supporting our investigation into the hit and run in Brighton by watching and sharing the video. Hundreds of people got in touch after watching it and as a direct result we arrested two people last night. We are still appealing for witnesses however we believe we have now traced the drivers of the four vehicles we were appealing directly to.

“We know the CCTV was very shocking but almost 3 million people watched it, we had 16,000 comments and more than 6,000 liked it on Facebook alone.We have passed on all your well wishes onto the victim who thanks you for your support. He is continuing to recover well at home.”

Within the comments, several people expressed their feelings toward the situation. Many were completely appalled and feeling malicious about the hit and run incident. The police didn’t release the criminals’ names via Facebook — even though various individuals were requesting such information be given to the public. According to the comments, some people wanted to enact revenge in honor of the hit and run victim.

No matter the country of your residence, as a driver or pedestrian, both parties have to pay attention to and watch out for the other. As quickly as the suspects were driving, surely the man might have noticed the fast-approaching vehicle. Yet, at the same time, the suspects probably saw the man.

Due to “lawless” roads, Evening Standard reports that there are nearly 80 hit and runs per week. So, by the source’s statistics, this video is only a fraction of what happens every day in the United Kingdom.

What are your thoughts about this hit and run video? Feel free to comment and share your feelings.

[Image via Shutterstock]