‘The Bachelor’ Week 5 Spoilers: Ben Reacts To Jubilee’s Jealousy, Olivia’s ‘Teen Mom’ Comment Worse Than Her Breath

The Bachelor Ben Higgins travels to Mexico City with his 11 remaining ladies this week and the drama that takes place during episode 5 is must-see TV. With just six weeks to go until Ben gets down on one knee and proposes to his final pick, viewers will see some clear frontrunners emerge this week.

Ben will send two girls home on episode 5, but the events that lead up to their elimination will make many viewers wonder if he is making the right decision. There are two one-on-one dates and one group date this week, but the dates aren’t what fans will be talking about.

Jubilee Sharpe and Olivia Caridi will be the main attraction on Monday night with a combination of bad attitudes, bad breath, and bad things to say about the other girls, the two drama queens will definitely create a buzz on Twitter this week.

According to Reality Steve‘s spoilers, nine girls will go on a group date this week and two lucky ladies will get one-on-one dates with Ben.

This week’s group date will start out in the classroom where Caila, Jubilee, Jen, Olivia, Leah, JoJo, Becca, Emily, and Lauren B. will take Spanish lessons with Ben, followed by shopping for dinner ingredients at a local market and a cooking competition.

Although two girls will eliminated this week, Ben will send one of them home during the group date after party. Check out ABC‘s preview video below to get a sneak peek at what may have prompted Ben to send Jubilee home — she had a bad attitude in the classroom (or was it jealousy?) and apparently that didn’t sit well with Ben.

Ben then surprises just about everyone and gives Olivia the group date rose. The reason why he gave her yet another rose to flaunt will play out on Monday night’s show, but there is no doubt that his decision will cause outrage among die-hard Bachelor fans on Twitter. To top it off, the girls talk smack about Olivia’s breath — yet Ben doesn’t seem to mind kissing her, so what’s the real story?

Drama doesn’t rear its ugly head again until the cocktail party, so fans will get a break from the cattiness during the one-on-one dates.

Lauren Himle gets her first one-on-one of the season on Monday night and it includes some on-stage time at a fashion show that’s part of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. According to People, Lauren said she was “very nervous” walking the runway, but Ben made her feel at ease and told her that she “looked so good” modeling Pineda Covalin clothing line. Lauren gets a rose, so the date was a success.

The other one-on-one date goes to Amanda Stanton and will remind fans of the date Bachelor Chris Soules had with Britt Nilsson. Not only will Ben wake Amanda (and the other girls) up before the sun rises, he will take her on a hot air balloon ride. That’s exactly what happened on Chris’ date — apparently the producers have run out of original ideas.

Amanda gets a rose on her one-on-one date and becomes one of this season’s frontrunners — spoilers indicate that she’s one of four girls who make it to hometowns.

With Jubilee already on her way home, Ben will only have one girl to eliminate at the Week 5 rose ceremony. According to Reality Steve, Jen Saviano is the unlucky lady who has to pack her bags and leave.

However, many fans will question Ben’s decision to let Jen go — especially after Olivia calls Amanda a “teen mom.” It’s possible that Ben didn’t find out about her rude comment until after the season wrapped up — hopefully he will address her comment on his next blog post on People.

Next week, Ben and his remaining nine ladies head to the Bahamas for some sun, fun, dates, and a lot more drama. Find the complete Bachelor weekly episode schedule here, including information about the air date of the much-anticipated Women Tell All special.

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