Baby Suffers ‘Black Brain’ Head Injury After Severe Case Of Child Abuse, Mom And Boyfriend Arrested

A Delaware mother and her boyfriend are at the center of controversy after her son suffered injuries consistent with “severe” child abuse. According to Opposing Views, Natasha Moore and her boyfriend, Abdurahman F. Abdurahman, are both accused of brutally beating her young son, only identified as Phoenyx. The baby’s age has not yet been released.

It has been reported that officials with the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office were contacted after a neurosurgeon at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital operated on the baby. The operation uncovered a number disturbing details about the baby’s injuries. He’d reportedly sustained a “right occipital fracture, subdural hematoma,” defined as a buildup of blood between the brain and its casing, and a “right cerebrum fracture with a mid-line shift,” according to the publication.

The neurosurgeon referred to the baby’s condition as “black brain,” which is a form of head trauma that can only be caused by violently shaking and/or hitting a child in the head.

According to court documents, investigators alleged Abdurahman had slammed the baby’s head against a bedroom wall several times. However, it is unclear how local authorities came to that conclusion.

The neurosurgeon also noted that the extensive injuries, which may have occurred approximately 48 hours prior to the surgery, could not have occurred accidentally and that the extensive damage was indeed the result of intentional abuse. The allegations have led to the arrests of both Moore and Abdurahman. On Jan. 22, both were indicted by a Delaware County grand jury.

According to the Delaware Gazette, Abdurahman faces numerous felonious charges including felonious assault, a second-degree felony; and two felony counts of endangering children. Moore has also been charged in connection with the baby’s injuries. Although she doesn’t face the same charges as Abdurahman, she is being held accountable for her son’s injuries because she reportedly did not seek immediate medical attention for her son. She has been charged with two counts of endangering children, which are third-degree felonies.

Both appeared in Delaware County Common Pleas Court earlier this week where they entered not-guilty pleas. Although the baby’s injuries have proven to be consistent with child abuse, there’s one person who does not believe they are responsible for the injuries — Natasha Moore’s father.

However, Natasha Moore’s family argues otherwise. Her father, Rodger Moore, is completely shocked about the charges that have been filed against his daughter and her boyfriend. During a recent news interview with ABC-6, he explained why the allegations are so baffling to him. He adamantly insisted that his daughter, who also has an 8-year-old son, would never harm her children. He also defended Abdurahman by recounting his own interactions with him. Since he’d never seen any signs of volatile behavior from him, the allegations are quite difficult to process.

“I believe 100% that she had nothing to do with any of this,” Moore said of his daughter. “I’ve never seen any violence from him. He’s always been respectful and polite gentleman, and this whole thing has been very hard to understand for me.”

“She’s a great mother. She’s always good to them. Does stuff with them. She loves her kids to death,” he said.

Moore and Abdurahman are being held in Delaware County Jail. She is being held on a $100,000 bond, but Abdurahman’s bond is set at $400,000. The two are scheduled to appear in Delaware County Common Pleas before Judge David Gormley on April 12 and 13. As of Friday, Jan. 29, it was reported that the baby is still alive. The baby’s grandfather revealed he is stable, but the road to recovery will be relatively long.

[Images via Natasha M. Moore/Delaware County Jail]