Kendall Jenner And Hailey Baldwin’s Hopes For Harry Styles And Justin Bieber

In honor of Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner’s frozen yogurt shopping adventure following that trip to the Caribbean where they made out with rumored beaus Justin Bieber and Harry Styles, it’s time to explore what the models are reportedly hoping for before they take things forward with their respective hunky paramours.

While they were not photographed together over New Year’s, presumably because they were otherwise engaged making out with and grinding upon their attractive travel partners, Hailey and Kendall wasted no time reuniting on the mainland as they slipped out for a daytime shopping trip and a grungy, makeup-free girl’s night.

The black-clad pair both went with a widow-esque dark-colored look for not just one but both of their post-Caribbean outings. Are the sexy girls mourning the end of their time in the tropical heat?

Kendall switched from her daytime outfit of an ab-flashing cropped tank, trench coat and leggings, to a more laid-back t-shirt, black jeans and boots. Hailey Baldwin dropped her daytime look of artfully-slashed black jeans and shiny, super-chunky military-style boots (which also featured an unusual side cut-out), and donned an ab-flashing top, synthetic jacket, and strange black leggings with black-mesh knee cut-outs that offered a glimpse of the model’s thighs.

If gossipy Hollywood Life is to be believed, Kendall and Hailey may both be in somber moods because they are both finding it hard to secure a commitment from their well-muscled lovers. Justin Bieber has stated that he needs “to be single for a while,” much to blonde Hailey’s chagrin. Kendall Jenner has apparently entered her romance with Harry cautiously because she knows he is “not the commitment type.”

For the purposes of this analysis, we will assume this is true and outline what the lithe beauties have declared they would like to see if they are to take things forward with the washboard-abbed superhunks.

Hailey Baldwin: A grand gesture on Valentine’s Day and priority status

Hailey is reportedly in love “with the man Justin’s become,” and is said to be impressed with how much he has changed since those days when he used to jerk Selena Gomez around, according to Pop Creed.

Hailey Baldwin felt like Justin’s “fall-back girl” many times during the Selena years, as if she was always the comfy last option Justin settled on if his other friends were busy, Selena was angry, or an Instagram model wasn’t answering his calls.

Now, Hailey would like to be top priority.

“[S]he wants to be seen in public with him more often and have him talk about her as if they are a legit couple to anyone that asks.

Interestingly, the pair have rarely been seen together since the Caribbean trip. Could Bieber be pulling away from the demanding blonde?

If reports are true, Hailey even has specific ideas about how Justin could make this up to her…and the date for the hunk to act is fast approaching.

“She wants Justin to make a grand gesture on Valentine’s Day that shows that they are totally exclusive.”

Kendall Jenner: She wants Harry to chase her

It would definitely be out of character for super-cool Harry, but if anyone can make this happen, it’s the supermodel stunner.

“[I]f Harry wants a more committed relationship with her, then it’s up to him to make the first move. She’s not about to chase after anyone.”

Kendall may even be off to a good start: some reports claimed that Harry quickly arranged to to travel to St Barths when he heard that Kendall was going to the Caribbean. Next thing we knew, the tabloids were splashed with pictures of the beautiful pair making out.

Kendall should watch out though…new reports are claiming her best friend Hailey may be hanging “with the enemy,” Harry Styles’ ex Georgia Fowler.

Will Justin Bieber make a grand Valentine’s Day gesture for Hailey Baldwin? Are Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner still together?

[Image by Abraham Caro Marin/AP, Noam Galai/Getty]