Lana Del Rey Is Allegedly James Franco’s Prom Queen As Miss Universe Is Eyed

Lana Del Rey has been wooed by James Franco for over two years, and now he has allegedly made her his prom queen. Despite this, James Franco does not appear to be as interested in Lana Del Rey as he is in a million creative projects — and Miss Universe.

Lana Del Rey has been surprisingly quiet after dealing with stalkers and burglars over the end of 2015. Lately, it seems Lana Del Rey’s name is mentioned in the news only in relationship to other celebrities. For instance, Perez Hilton recently highlighted that Khloe Kardashian has a sex playlist that includes Lana Del Rey.

As it appears, this is not the only way that Lana Del Rey has been photoshopped into someone else’s reality over the past month. According to Snopes, some careful research was done, and a picture of Amy Winehouse with Lana Del Rey turned out to be a hoax.

Otherwise, the only communication from Lana Del Rey is that she is supporting her friend, Father John Misty. In early January, Father John Misty reported that he would be going on tour in 2016.

James Franco will be in a Hulu series in 2016 based on a Stephen King writing.
James Franco will be starring in a Hulu series produced by JJ Abrams and Bridget Carpenter based on a Stephen King piece of writing. (Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for hulu)

Later that month, Lana Del Rey reported that Father John Misty would be sharing her limelight in a new video for her song “Freak,” according to Pitchfork.

On the other hand, news about Lana Del Rey from James Franco may be difficult to notice because he is in every corner of the celebrity world over the month of January. On New Year’s Eve, the Daily Mail reported James Franco was in the same town as Lana Del Rey, but partying with Taylor Lautner and Bella Thorne, instead.

In fact, Elite Daily is calling James Franco “America’s favorite ambitious stoner” and stated “If he isn’t posting boundary-pushing Instagram selfies, he’s starring in hilarious comedies and simply just doing whatever the f*ck he wants.”

For example, James Franco is making custom portraits to raise money for AIDS, according to Art Net. James Franco is also in a several films and TV shows in 2016, according to the Chicago Tribune, and this includes Stephen King’s 11-22-63.

James Franco makes art and gives it to charity for AIDS
James Franco typically creates art and sells it for AIDS-related benefits and charities. (Photo by Kimberly White/Getty Images for Art of Elysium)

Also announced in the month of January, BGR said that James Franco will be starring in HBO’s Deuce, and Cinema Blend reported that he will also star with Bryan Cranston in Disaster Artist.

On top of that, James Franco is submitting his own movies to Sundance. The Guardian reported on January 23 that James Franco gained notoriety for starring in a fraternity hazing movie starring Nick Jonas called, Goat. Presently, James Franco is also doing a remake of Mother May I Sleep With Danger with Tori Spelling.

During the month of January, it is difficult to believe James Franco had time to include Lana Del Rey — but according to Perez Hilton, he did. They reviewed James Franco’s “Lime Green Dress” as “hard to explain, both sonically and visually, but we’re like 86-percent sure it’s about a prom gone wrong set to the music of an even more depressed Lana Del Rey.”

Interestingly, James Franco has another teenage girl theme appearing in his life at the first of 2016. Us Weekly Magazine reported on January 12 that James Franco helped a teen guest from Greatest Party Story Ever get revenge after being dumped by taking a picture with him giving her a bear hug. About the incident, the teen stated the following.

“[James Franco] tells me, ‘Go post this everywhere, and tell your ex-boyfriend to eat his heart out.'”

While it may seem that James Franco loves Lana Del Rey so much that he will be including her in multiple projects in 2016 like he did in 2015 — fans might not be able to trust a “wannabe surrealist artist,” as USA Today recently described him.

KPop Starz reported on January 11 that if Lana Del Rey wants a piece of James Franco’s adoring heart, she may have to pry him away from the arms of Miss Universe.

Lana Del Rey might also be able to get in touch with James Franco on his newly-launched “get weird” app, Rando Franco, according to People.

[Picture by Rachel Murray/Stringer/Getty Images]