Breast Cancer Awareness Is Taken To New Heights By Deadpool And Topless Brazilians

Breast cancer awareness is a cause worth recognizing any time of the year. According to the CDC, breast cancer is still one of the most common causes of cancer-related deaths in women. Contrary to popular belief, breast cancer is also possible in men and is something that must be taken seriously by both sexes. The CDC estimates that in 2012, approximately 224,147 women and 2,125 men were diagnosed with breast cancer.

Breast cancer has long been a popular social cause in the United States, but as of late, breast cancer awareness has taken new shape as some people find unique ways to bring attention to the cause. The comic book character Deadpool as well as a group of topless Brazilian women have recently tackled the cause.

According to ComicBook, Deadpool, whose good taste and common courtesy is questionable to begin with, has now taken on the women’s health issue. The first Deadpool trailer played on the line, “I’m touching myself tonight,” and the breast cancer awareness piece is a followup to that. In the video, Deadpool encourages viewers to touch themselves for breast cancer awareness and then goes into an instructional video on breast cancer detection. The Deadpool breast cancer awareness video can be viewed below.