So You Wanna Work For Apple? Here’s The Company’s Recruitment Video

Nobody loves Apple more than Apple and that fact is abundantly clear when viewing the tech firms recruitment video. While Apple is typically tight-lipped about its processes the recruiting video released online this week showcases what Apple looks for in employees and how the company operates as the world’s largest public firm.

Sure Apple customers are vastly aware of the strides Apple takes to create the best possible products on the market but they may not be aware of the painstaking work that goes into placing magnets on the iPad 2 or the technology needed to create a smaller battery that runs for longer periods of time.

In the video Apple speaks with everyone from user interface and battery consultants to a worker at a retail location overseas (subtitled in English).

One thing you don’t get to see in this recruitment video are the Chinese workers at Foxconn plants who are working for pennies on the dollar, often for 14-18 hour periods at a time.

There is no doubt that with more than $100 billion on hand Apple has become a stable place to work with plenty of innovative designs, but let us be honest for a moment and just admit that this recruitment video screams self-motivated propaganda, then again what company recruitment video doesn’t.

Here’s the Apple employee recruitment video, give it a watch and let us know what you think:

If you knew nothing about Apple would this video be enough to sell you on working for the tech organization?