‘Baby Daddy’ Season 5 Spoilers, Air Date: Danny And Riley Finally Together, Ben Gets New Love Interest [Promo]

Baby Daddy season 5 premieres Wednesday, February 3, on Freeform (ABC Family). The latest spoilers revealed that episode 1, titled “Love and Carriage,” will feature a time jump following Danny’s (Derek Theler) wedding proposal to Riley (Chelsea Kane).

After more than four years, it seems like the love triangle involving Danny, Ben (Jean-Luc Bilodeau), and Riley will finally come to an end. In the season 4 finale of Baby Daddy, Ben was able to put his feelings aside so that Danny and Riley can start a life together.

The episode, however, ended in a cliffhanger, with Danny proposing to Riley. According to the official synopsis for Baby Daddy season 5 episode 1, Riley ended up fainting after Danny’s proposal. Unfortunately, when she wakes up, she does not remember anything that happened.

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On the other hand, Ben tries to move on from Riley and goes on a date with his neighbor Zoey (Jonna Walsh). While he went out with her with no expectation, he will reportedly end up pleasantly surprised with how much they had in common.

Ben and Zoey’s relationship, however, will not last long. According to International Business Times, a new character by the name of Sam will be introduced in season 5, who will serve as Ben’s love interest.

Played by former Victorious star Daniella Monet, Sam will be the new manager of Ben and Danny’s bar. She also reportedly went to the same high school with Ben, Danny, and Riley. Baby Daddy fans could definitely expect more flashbacks coming their way in season 5.

Although Riley no longer has feelings for Ben, it was said that she and Sam would not see each other eye to eye. Given that Sam used to bully her back in high school, it does not come as a surprise that she initially did not want Sam for Ben.

While it remains to be confirmed if Monet will make her debut in the season premiere, the outlet held that she will definitely be introduced in the early episodes of Baby Daddy season 5.

Meanwhile, back in August, Baby Daddy creator Dan Berendsen confirmed that they knew all along that it was Danny and Riley who should end up together. Although the synopsis held that she had no recollection of the proposal, Berendsen explained that does not mean that he did not take the opportunity to finally ask her out.

Berendsen explained that they wanted a different approach to show Danny and Riley’s relationship, which is why they opted for a time jump.

“We wanted to show Danny and Riley mid-relationship, rather than doing the same stories we’ve done with Ben and Riley, like their awkward first date. We wanted to go to some fresh territory.”

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As Baby Daddy viewers knew all along that Danny had feelings for Riley since they were kids, Berendsen held that it was not out of character for him to propose immediately when he got the chance.

“There will be ramifications from that, but I don’t think we went too far. It’s what the character Danny would do at that moment,” he said.

Berendsen also confirmed that the Danny-Riley-Ben love triangle will come to an end in season 5. Berendsen revealed that episodes 4 and 5 will show how Danny and Riley’s relationship will affect Ben, but after that he will be able to move on and date someone new.

“We needed the audience to know that Ben’s going to be OK with this. My favorite aspect of the show is the bond between the brothers, no matter how much they fight,” Berendsen shared.

Baby Daddy season 5 episode 1, “Love and Carriage” airs this Wednesday on Freeform (ABC Family).

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