Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Planning Wedding & Babies Amid Drama? Shared Passion For Dogs & Vegan Diet

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are engaged, planning a wedding, and dreaming of babies, according to the latest rumors swirling about the couple who split several years ago. The reports that Miley was engaged again began when the engagement ring that Liam had originally given her was spotted on her ring finger. But which rumors are true?

Cyrus and Hemsworth are known to have reunited recently, and so she supposedly felt that it was appropriate to slip that engagement ring back on her finger. However, a source told Us Weekly that Liam didn’t actually issue a formal proposal to Miley.

“[Hemsworth] never formally proposed again [to Cyrus]!” revealed that insider.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are together again.
Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are together again. [Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for CFN]

However, Liam did notice that Miley was flaunting the 3.5-carat bling. Hemsworth assisted in designing the Neil Lane ring, making it significant in his eyes that she’s sporting it again following their decision to cancel the wedding in autumn 2013.

“They are telling friends they’re engaged,” added the source.

The reunion between Cyrus and Hemsworth began after Miley broke up with Patrick Schwarzenegger in April.

Miley Cyrus was kissing Patrick Schwarzenegger in November 2014.
Miley Cyrus was kissing Patrick Schwarzenegger in November 2014. [Photo by Harry How/Getty Images]

Fast-forward eight months, when the singer headed to Australia. There, Cyrus celebrated the New Year with Liam and his relatives.

“Things started getting romantic,” shared the insider.

In early January, Miley and Liam were spotted canoodling at a party before the Golden Globes, and they exited in the same vehicle. Just one week later, Cyrus moved some belongings into the Malibu mansion in which Hemsworth lives, estimated at almost $7 million.

“Miley is definitely ready to settle down,” noted the source.

Cyrus and Liam have many similarities, and that includes a passion for puppies, revealed Teen Vogue. Both enjoy sharing pictures of their beloved pets on social media, and Hemsworth recently posted a photo showing him posing with his rescue dog.

And that’s not their only similar passion. Both are vegans, combining their puppy love with plant-based diets.

Hemsworth feels that his vegan diet has numerous benefits, he told Access Hollywood.

Liam chose to go vegan because he was concerned about how animals were mistreated but also because he thought it could benefit his health.

“There are no negatives to eating like this. I feel nothing but positive, mentally and physically. I love it,” said Hemsworth of his vegan food plan. “I feel like it also has a kind of a domino effect on the rest of my life.”

He also talked about Miley in that interview.

“She’s a free spirit. I think she’ll always surprise people with what she does,” predicted Liam. “She’s a young girl who wants to do what she wants to do.”

Is "free spirit" Miley Cyrus ready to settle down?
Is "free spirit" Miley Cyrus ready to settle down? [Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for The ONE Campaign]

Although Miley is currently sporting the old engagement ring, apparently part of what she wants is to get some new bling. Cyrus has suggested that her beau buy her a new ring, according to a source cited by the Belfast Telegraph. The source also shared that they plan to wed before 2017.

“She’s happy to wear her old ring for now, but Miley says, ‘New life together, new ring.’ Liam is having it designed and it could end up costing over $1 million. And once that’s sorted, there’ll be nothing stopping them. They want to be married by the end of the year.”

As for details on the wedding, Cyrus is hoping for something simple that would take place in Nashville. Held at her parents’ home, the ceremony would offer a “homegrown” flavor.

“They both feel like they don’t need a long engagement this time. Liam would do it tomorrow if he could,” added the source. “The wedding will have Miley’s personal touch all over it…Everything is going full speed ahead – they both feel they’ve waited long enough.”

And it’s not just a wedding that the couple is contemplating. Cyrus and Hemsworth also want to start a family, a source told Life & Style.

“She’s talking to friends about stopping any form of birth control soon,” revealed the source. “Miley and Liam aren’t just back together — they’re seriously planning marriage and a family. Miley wants to start trying to have a baby as soon as they are married, if not before.”

Another source told Radar Online that Cyrus is more eager than Hemsworth to wed, with drama the result.

“Liam and Miley are already having some serious drama,” revealed the insider. “She is trying so hard to make this wedding and engagement happen.”

In addition, Miley’s pals as well as family are concerned that Hemsworth could dump her again. And the insider noted that Liam just may already be at that point.

“Liam is acting like he is already over it,” added the source. “He cannot handle her drama and he wants her to just slow her roll on the entire thing.”

[Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for Hyundai]