February 4, 2019
High School Students Build A Giant Replica Of Tom Brady's Face Out Of Rubik's Cubes

With Super Bowl LIII only one day away, Americans have been preparing for the festivities in plenty of creative ways. For some, this involves football themed snacks and drinks, while others deck out their homes in their favorite team's attire. However, a group of middle school students in New Hampshire took the creativity to the next level. They built a giant replica of Tom Brady's face using only Rubik's Cubes, according to WWLTV News.

Twenty students from Rochester Middle School in Rochester, New Hampshire, are die-hard New England Patriots fans. They wanted to do something to show their support for the team's star player in preparation for the Super Bowl. They came up with an out-of-the-box idea that took hours to create. Using 220 different Rubik's Cubes, they constructed a massive mosaic that looks strikingly like Tom Brady himself. The masterpiece is a head-shot of Brady dressed in his Patriots jersey. Based off of a photograph of the player, they spun the cubes meticulously to get the shading of his face just right. They even used two green squares to depict his eyes.

This was no small task; in fact, the students gave up their lunch periods for an entire week to get the project completed prior to the big game. They arranged the cubes on a table and stood above their creation to get a picture that quickly made its way through social media. The students hope that their hard work will be viewed by the New England Patriots and maybe even Brady himself.

Kristen Wolforth Sturtevant, a library specialist at the school, shared the mosaic on Facebook so others could appreciate the masterpiece.

"Hey there Tom Brady, Rochester Middle School NH wishes you well in the Super Bowl!" said Wolforth Sturtevant in her post. "Let's go!!! We're not done!!! Give it everything you've got and do your job!!"

In addition to the portrait of Brady, the students also built a giant version of the Patriots logo. This piece was also completed using only Rubik's Cubes. Shockingly, it took them only one day to complete the task. While some students donated their own Rubik's Cubes from home to complete the project, the majority of the cubes were provided by the school. You CAN do the Rubik's Cube, an organization that explains how to solve Rubick's Cubes, loans the toys to schools and other educational programs.

This Sunday, Brady will be attempting to score his sixth Super Bowl ring.