20% Of Voters Won’t Vote For Mitt Romney Because Of His Wealth

While 75% of U.S. voters say they could care less that Mitt Romney is worth more than $200 million, a recent Gallup poll shows that 20% of voters are “less likely” to vote for Romney because of his massive wealth. According to the study most of those voters are Democrats and independents, the former which could signal trouble for Romney during his battle against President Obama.

The Obama campaign over recent weeks has strongly targeted Romney’s wealth, questioning where the hundreds of millions he has earned with Bain Capital has been invested (or hidden). The Obama campaign has stressed the fact that Mitt Romney has not released his tax returns from the last decade. The Obama campaign plans to show that Romney is not capable of understanding the plight associated with the lower-class and middle-class.

The Gallup poll which was conducted from July 9-10 also shows that the amount of money a person makes only slightly influences their choice in voting for Mitt Romney. In some cases individuals making slightly more money are actually less likely to vote for Romney. For example 19% of people making between $24,000 to $60,000 say they are less likely to vote for Romney based on his wealth, while 20% of people making $60,000 to $90,000 say they are less likely. In the meantime the poor to border-line poor demographic of people making less than $24,000 are 28% less likely to vote for Mitt Romney.

The Gallup poll also examined voter preference and found that independents are almost evenly split between Obama (42%) and Romney (42%).

Most interestingly the Republic based says they are 8% more likely to vote for Mitt Romney while only 4% of Republican voters say they are less likely to vote for Mitt Romney because of his massive fortune.

The Gallup poll surveyed 873 registered voters 18 and older living in the 50 United States and the District of Colombia. The survey has a maximum margin sampling error of ±4 percentage points. The poll also included Spanish-speaking respondents who were surveyed in their first-language.

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