‘The Originals’ E.P. Warns That Klaus Mikaelson’s Allies ‘Might Not Necessarily Be Thus’

The Originals is set to return tonight, but, as fans of the series know from the mid-season cliffhanger, things have changed for the Mikaelsons and for Klaus (Joseph Morgan) in particular. Just as Klaus took the advice offered from Rebekah (Claire Holt) and opened his heart to Cammy (Leah Pipes), the vampire-werewolf hybrid fell prey to the same type of underhanded, vile war tactics that he has employed so many times, himself. Aurora de Martel (Rebecca Breeds) slithered into Klaus’ bedroom and slit Cammy’s throat, while she slumbered in her lover’s arms, presumably leaving her for dead. As the episode came to a close, Klaus’ agonized scream could be heard throughout the French Quarter and, although it was a cry of pain and grief, it may as well have been a war cry.

The Originals‘ Executive Producer Teases Bloodshed And A Reconciliation

Klaus seeks retribution in THREE WEEKS when #TheOriginals returns on its new night Friday, January 29 at 9/8c!

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Michael Narducci, executive producer for The Originals, confirms that the mid-season finale gave Klaus a taste of his own medicine and, whether the character recognizes it or not, it left him angrier than fans have ever seen him. In the past, it has always been Klaus who held the upper hand, identifying the weaknesses of his enemies and tearing apart their lives by attacking those vulnerabilities, so having another employ those same tactics against him is already enough to drive him into a rage. Add to that, the fact that Cammy was the most precious thing in Klaus’ life and, just as he had feared, she was destroyed simply because she was close to him. Narducci says this all puts Klaus in a very feral place, as The Originals returns.

“So there’s a certain element of rage; there’s also a certain element of guilt that he must feel. I think that could be when Klaus is at his most dangerous, when he wants revenge and he wants to take people down for what they’ve done to him.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Narducci says that the story arc of the Trinity is coming to an end, now that their manipulations have claimed a life close to the Mikaelsons. This might seem like good news, but The Originals‘ showrunner warns fans not to get too comfortable, because there is more trouble headed for New Orleans. He says that it will soon become apparent that the allies of the Mikaelson clan are not quite as loyal as they had once seemed.

“Things are going to escalate very quickly in terms of who is going to be siding with whom against the Originals. So our family, who started off the season very much at odds, is now backed into a corner together against this new threat, and some of the people we thought were our allies and our friends might not necessarily be thus.”

Daniel Gillies Warns That “Some Brutal Stuff Is Coming Up” As The Originals Returns

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Daniel says that there is just a little more in the way of the Trinity story arc, revealing that Tristan (Oliver Ackland) and Aurora will next set their sights on Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Jackson (Nathan Parsons). Klaus and Hayley will reconcile their differences first though, as Klaus realizes his list of friends has grown far too short for his paranoid mind to handle. As it turns out, this may benefit Hayley more than Klaus, because he will certainly feel compelled to rescue his new ally and her husband.

Even without that reconciliation, the taking of Hayley and Jackson might just be used as yet another reason to attack Aurora and Tristan, as if grief-stricken Klaus needed any. Daniel reveals that there is much to fear from Klaus in his current state, as he gives his own glimpse into the character’s psyche.

“There’s a line I just said in the episode we just filmed the other day and I don’t think I’m giving anything away here. I say, ‘When Niklaus is consumed like this, no one is safe,’ and I think that kind of sums it up – that family and foe alike are equally endangered around him when he feels threatened,” Mr. Gillies said.

The Originals returns tonight on the CW network. Check local listings for times.

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