Trevor Noah Mocks White Actor Playing Michael Jackson As Ratings Continue To Gradually Increase

Though Michael Jackson’s skin color has been very light since the 1990s, Trevor Noah isn’t comfortable with British actor Joseph Fiennes playing Jackson. Entertainment Weekly has the news.

“That is not how being black works. Just because your outside appearance changes doesn’t mean your DNA does. Does anyone say, ‘Oh, The Situation used to be white’? No they don’t say that. Just because he’s orange now doesn’t mean he’s not white anymore,” Mr. Noah complained on the Daily Show, according to the magazine.

Trevor Noah Daily Show Trevor Noah thinks that a white person should not play Michael Jackson. [Photo by Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images]After Noah ended the bit by photoshopping Jackson’s outfit onto Fiennes, he admitted to being surprised by the results. Some of the people commenting after the Entertainment Weekly article are suspicious of the casting as well.

“I am also concerned that whoever did the casting for this movie did not look at people who can actually mimic Michael Jackson’s dance moves and singing. What is the point of making a movie about an entertainer who made his living dancing and singing if the actor picked to portray him neither looks like him or can mimic his gifts?” asks @Jacki836.

The comments on Twitter have been mixed.


Meanwhile, there is some good news for Trevor Noah. Even though his ratings are still low, they have been gradually improving. According to Zap2It, The Daily Show averaged 0.81 million viewers last week — that number is up slightly from the week before. Perhaps the fact that Noah has mercilessly gone after Republicans is helping.

According to the Daily Beast, Noah recently had a segment on about Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly, asking why Trump was so afraid of her.

“Nicely done, Donald Trump, nicely done. It’s the same way we won’t call you an a**hole—we too are constrained by political correctness… a**hole. Now, Trump is entitled to his crazy opinion, but it raises the question, if he thinks Megyn Kelly is a lightweight, then why is he scared of her?” Noah asked, according to the article.

Before that, Business Insider described Trevor Noah’s segment against Sarah Palin. Correspondent Jessica Williams condescendingly described how, for months, Palin roamed the countryside, destroyed the rules of politics and grammar, and did other nasty things. The movie segment ended with Williams claiming Palin disappeared and had a couple of failed cable shows. Soon, Trevor Noah took over and tore Palin to pieces.

Even though Noah is slowly gaining an audience, he still has his critics. Perhaps he’ll explain all his alleged faults in a new book that Eyewitness News claims Noah is writing.

“Meanwhile, book publishing company Pan Macmillan says it’s acquired the South African the rights to publish Noah’s first book, due to be released in November this year. The book is a collection of personal stories about growing up in South Africa during the last years of apartheid, giving readers an intimate look into what shaped him as a young boy.”

It’s pretty obvious that The Daily Show star isn’t going away. Perhaps 2016 could be the year of Trevor Noah.

[Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]