Lake electrocutes people, power company denies their corroded cables are to blame

A power company is denying responsibility for a string of electrocutions in a Missouri lake despite having corroded cables in the lake itself.

The lake has electrocuted nearly a dozen people over three years, including the death of a teenage swimmer. The most recent electrocution occurred over the Memorial Day weekend.

State officials have only now closed Spring Lake, and are investigating why residents and swimmers are being electrocuted.

Local media notes that the local power company AmerenUE is denying responsibility, despite having paid $2.3 million in damages over the electrocutions so far (they didn’t admit liability as part of the settlement.) The company though is “replacing and rerouting corroded cables around the lake,” a project the company claims is related to improving customer service and not the electrocutions….because of course corroded cables in or near a body of water couldn’t possibly have anything to do with people being electrocuted :-)