'All Things Valentine': Hallmark's Love Coach Advises Women To Dump Bad Boyfriends In New Valentine's Day Movie

All Things Valentine is a heartfelt new romantic movie that is coming to the Hallmark Channel this Saturday. All Things Valentine, which is directed by Gary Harvey and written by JB White, is about a blogger and newspaper columnist who falls in love with a man who's been leaving angry comments under her blog posts.

Filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, it stars Sarah Rafferty as Avery Parker, Sam Page as Brendan Bates, Mike Dopud as Reed, Heather Doerksen as Hannah, Beverley Elliott as Maggie, Kimberly Sustad as McKeenna, and Brenda Crichlow as Lauren Post, according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). Hallmark Channel fans can also look forward to hearing music from the soundtrack "Bae You and I" by Gelsea Mae.


All Things Valentine picks up its story with the tenacious Avery Parker, a newspaper columnist and blogger who's been given the assignment of writing about women and Valentine's Day, a holiday that she detests due to her past failed relationships. Avery might not be the right person for this subject since she has literally no tolerance for women who allow themselves to be used and dumped every single Valentine's Day. In her popular blog column, she gives her love-sick female readers some harsh advice about how to stop putting up with their boyfriends' bad behavior.

However, Avery just might be changing her mind about love after she meets Brenden, a handsome veterinarian who looks after her dog. Developing a huge crush on the vet, Avery and Brenden eventually meet up for their first date.


Avery realizes that she may have just bought herself a bouquet of problems when she discovers that Brendan's ex-girlfriend, an avid reader of her blog, used her advice in order to dump him. Meanwhile, Brendan blames the columnist's relationship advice for their breakup, causing him to lash out by leaving angry comments under Avery's post.

The bitter online exchange heats up, capturing the attention of the public and gaining a massive following. Although the two initially can't stand each other, Brandon starts to see something in Avery that he hasn't seen in other women, prompting him to pursue her until their passions ignite. Will they both give in to their newly found attraction to each other, or are they both flirting with disaster?

All Things Valentine Hallmark viewers will especially enjoy the wonderful red and pink colors that flow throughout the film, colors that truly make Valentine's Day a special day for avid romantics. In an interview with Sarah Rafferty, she reveals that the movie about hope and about appreciating the people who are part of your life at the moment, even if that means not being involved in a romantic relationship.


Valentine's Day and What It Means To You

So many times, people reduce Valentine's Day to candy and cards -- a day that is only spent between lovers, leaving many people feeling alone and desperate. However, Hallmark's All Things Valentine helps one to focus on the people who make us feel full of love every day, which could mean spending time with loved ones, parents, siblings, or best friends on Valentine's Day. It can also mean engaging in activities that we love, whether it's traveling, cake baking, or delivering Valentine's treats to others lonely hearts.

In short, All Things Valentine is a movie about hope and about not giving up on love, which can be found in the strangest of ways and places. Learn some different ways to celebrate Valentine's Day by tuning in to All Things Valentine on Sunday January 31 at 9 p.m. Below you can read the official synopsis for the movie, as provided by Story Box. Read about Hallmark's other movies, Love On The Sidelines and Love's Complicated.

"Avery, known as 'The Coach,' is an anonymous columnist at the local newspaper doling out relationship advice. But when her advice is taken to heart by one of her readers, it has dire consequences for Brendan, the handsome vet, when his girlfriend breaks up with him. Brendan vows to set this columnist straight and starts a war of words with 'The Coach,' becoming her anonymous online nemesis. Serendipity kicks in when Avery falls in love with her dog's vet — Brendan. As feelings grow, neither Brendan nor Avery are aware of each other's true identities. Will love prevail when Brendan finds out Avery is behind the column that ruined his last relationship?"
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