‘House Of Cards’ Season 4 Spoilers — Doug Stamper Gets Out A Shovel In New Promo, Frank Underood To Kill Again?

Doug Stamper returns in the latest House of Cards teaser; which, similar to the previously released teasers, shows viewers only bits and pieces of what’s coming in Season 4. Much like the previous teaser, the new trailer reminds fans that Frank Underwood will stop at nothing to get what he wants. [Warning: Potential spoilers ahead.]

In the first glimpse of Season 4, we saw a bouquet of flowers placed where Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) met her fate when she was shoved to her death in Season 2. Then, the camera panned to a campaign poster where it claimed Frank Underwood would get “American back on track.”

The newest teaser, first released by Entertainment Weekly, starts with the return of Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) – Frank’s right-hand man — all by himself with a shovel in one hand digging a hole, perhaps for a grave or two. Stamper is quickly joined by Frank, and the scene looks very suspicious. It’s then that the camera pans around as the pair poses for a few pictures in front of voters, holding campaign signs supporting Underwood in 2016.

Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) 'House of Cards' [Image via Netflix]
Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) 'House of Cards' [Image via Netflix]

The scene isn’t bloody but it is rather another moment where House of Cards takes something naturally awful and turns it into something political and Presidential, and the not so subtle intentions remain very clear.

Design and Trend believes this teaser could also suggest that President Underwood and trusty Chief of Staff Stamper are plotting to kill someone again in the upcoming season, but who?

Viewers know that Underwood is like a seasoned vet when it comes to homicide, and his cold heart permits him to kill anyone regardless of how close he is to them. Just ask Zoe Barnes, who was killed because she was close to finding out that Underwood had murdered Representative Peter Russo (Corey Stoll).

Frank, who was romantically involved with Barnes, didn’t bat an eye when it came to shoving her under an oncoming train. The previous trailer paid homage to Barnes’ death.

Meanwhile, this wouldn’t be Stamper’s first rodeo when it comes to digging graves, either. During the first and second seasons, Stamper got physically involved with a prostitute named Rachel Posner (Rachel Brosnahan). After Stamper became obsessed with her, she began to grow more and more afraid of him and after Russo’s murder, she attacked Stamper and ran away.

Last season, Stamper found out that Rachel was still alive, despite a hacker telling him she was dead. Stamper tracked her down and kidnapped her. Eventually, after contemplating the repercussions from Underwood if Rachel was set free, he killed her.

Frank and Claire Underwood (Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright) 'House of Cards [Image via Netflix]
Frank and Claire Underwood (Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright) 'House of Cards [Image via Netflix]

Viewers last saw Rachel in a hole with Stamper standing over it with a shovel, throwing dirt on her face.

With all of that said, House of Cards uses a different kind of advertising campaign than many of the shows it competes against for awards and ratings. It remains one of the few shows that doesn’t require millions of dollars for a successful marketing campaign, reports Indie Wire.

With the new season arriving in a little over a month, Netflix knows that as soon as House of Cards hits the streaming giant, countless people are going to be binge watching it without the need for dozens of lengthy high-end trailers. All they need is the devious Kevin Spacey, a release date and House of Cards will likely remain unstoppable.

Nevertheless, Netflix still needs Season 4 to be a major success. While the first two seasons of the show made the series into must watch TV, the reviews for Season 3 weren’t as good. Some even thought it was downright bad. The first two seasons were fast-paced, while the third season left many fans complaining that there wasn’t enough story to fill an entire season.

House of Cards is looking to make a comeback, though, with its ominous, subliminal messages that point to an exciting and epic Season 4, which drops on Netflix on March 4.

Tell us! Will you be tuning in to Season 4 of House of Cards? Let us know in the comments and check out the teasers below.

Teaser 1

Teaser 2

[Image via Netflix]