‘World Of Warcraft’ Alpha Updates With New Spider Mount, Replacement Tomes Instead Of Minor Glyphs

Testing of upcoming Legion content for World of Warcraft continues with a new build deployment on the alpha client. The latest patch adds a number of new models, new items, updated class abilities, and Artifact weapon additions. Notable upcoming content includes a highly detailed spider mount, a unicorn model, and a plethora of tome items.

With a level cap in Legion of 110, testers with access to the client can now level to 108. According to the official Blizzard post, three new dungeons and three class specializations are now available for testing. Vault of the Wardens, Violet Hold, and Neltharion’s Lair welcome World of Warcraft dungeon delving players now, and players can test the new changes to Arms Warriors, Subtlety Rogues, and Restoration Shamans.

Without a non-disclosure agreement, players with access to the beta are free to post images, videos, and other media related to the World of Warcraft alpha test. Data mining websites provide the most new information with previews of new models, items, and spell changes. Sites like WoWhead have previews of several new models including a mount with saddle on its back, a new golden val’kyr pet, a unicorn model, and many more. The saddled spider appears to be a mount for players, but no information or confirmation is currently in the alpha. The golden val’kyr is seemingly the same model as the elusive Unborn Val’kyr pet, and two new unicorn models are in the client.

New models are flashy, but a bunch of new items are also included in the latest Legion client. Since minor glyphs are being removed in the next World of Warcraft expansion, many players were curious about how their abilities would retain the special changes that minor glyphs provide. According to a developer post on the official forums, all minor glyphs are being removed. Although many of their special effects will be “baked in” to existing abilities, others will be available from new tome items.

World of Warcraft
A handful of new tomes were data mined from the alpha with this build. MMO-Champion posted a brief list of the tomes currently in the game with more likely to come in future builds. Not all minor glyphs will be transformed into tomes; however, many will, and the list is far from complete. In this build, new tomes for the Balance Druid’s Flap ability, the Mages’ Arcane Linguist ability, and the Hunters’ Fetch ability are included. Other abilities like Rogues’ Detection and Monks’ Zen Flight are also tomes.

As with any major change in World of Warcraft, several players are worried that their favorite minor glyph will be left behind. Although some may disappear completely, others are being transformed into other talents or abilities. For instance, it was confirmed on the Warcraft developer Twitter that the Glyph of Stars glyph for Balance Druids will no longer be in the game and it will not be a tome. Instead, the astral appearance will be joined with a solar variant in the new Blessing of the Ancients talent. Seemingly, Balance Druids will have to wait until level 90 before they can alter their appearance with this talent instead of having access as early as level 25 with the minor glyph. Not to mention, that might mean that Balance Druids are stuck with the Moonkin appearance if they do not choose that talent.

World of Warcraft
Of course, as with all alpha and beta content, data mined information from the Legion alpha test is subject to change and is not final. The Legion alpha continues to update with new features, models, and changes quite often. As the Inquisitr reported just weeks ago, new corgi pets, a new giant rat mount, and a fish mount are all part of the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion. Legion is expected to release on or before September 21. Interested players can pre-order it now for instant access to the level 100 boost and early access to the new Demon Hunter hero class.

[Image via Blizzard Entertainment]